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Major essay formats used by students are: Chicago essay format and Turabian essay format

Chicago Essay Format

The Chicago essay format gets its name from the Chicago Manual of Style. The Chicago format originated with the University of Chicago back in 1906. The Chicago style is used for books, some academic publications, technical journals and many assignments given by educational institutions. In contrast, the Associated Press Stylebook is primarily used in journalism and news reports. The Chicago format is best known for its citation system and style of footnotes and endnotes.

The Chicago style allows authors to use either the notes and bibliography documentation system or the author-date system. The documentation system will depend on the type of paper. The notes and bibliography style is most commonly used when there are many sources. It is typically used with literature papers, history papers and thesis projects in the humanities. A Chicago format with the author-date system is generally a scientific paper.

Turabian Essay Format

The Turabian essay format gets its name from the style created by Kate L. Turabian. Her book on how to write essays and dissertations was first published in 1937. The Turabian style is similar to the Chicago Manual of Style, probably due to her time at the University of Chicago. The latest version of the Turabian manual includes information on how to cite websites and which ones are not considered authorities on which to cite facts.

There is a little difference between Chicago essay format and Turabian essay format

The greatest difference between the two styles is the fact that the Turabian format was intended for research papers for school and documents like the graduate thesis that must reference their sources but are not intended to be published.

Why Does the Difference Matter?

The teacher will be able to note the difference by checking the end notes, the bibliography and the few areas where they are different. If you write your paper in one style and the other was assigned, points could be deducted from your grade.

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