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The conservation of memory is a fundamental element of historical and civil conscioussness. It is so much more so in the case of the Shoah, one of the most historical frightening experiences and at the same time the talking point of all the contemporary culture research paper. According to all culture essay topics, the memory of the Shoah must become a social and individual element and a unique defence to prevent what happened from ever occurring again.

Yet, narrating the Shoah seems almost impossible. The extent of its events means it is not possible to identify with it convincingly. The distance that exists between today's world and particularly the school world. However, in order to transmit to students an idea of what really happened, more than just a series of vapid historical speechs, teachers and students must be ready for a serious and in-depht analysis of the Shoah throughout the most important culture research paper.

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For example, the typical culture essay topics regarding the explanation of the killing of Jews by the Nazis cannot exlude a general outline of the millenary history of anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic sentiments. On the other hand, it is fundamental to transmit to the future generations the concept that the memory of the Shoah must belong to everyone, and not only to the Jewish people as custodians of their tragedy.

Teaching Twentienth Century history thus involves some substantial problems. The 1948 Declaration of the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" was the result of an agreement between largely diverse cultures and civilizations: Christianity, Confucianism, Islam, etc. The importance of this "Declaration" lies in the fact that it lay the foundation for a universal juridical civilization and the definitive formulation of the principle of every human's right to dignity, freedom and individual rights which cannot be denied by the State.

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