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Students learn in their first year that ethics is no longer a core subject relevant to philosophy. Ethics is a part of every day life and business. So, ethical dilemma essay is the kind of assignment every student, whether learning literature or management, must be able to write. The assignment often presents you a case study where the central character is brought to a stage through a series of events when he must act in an ethically correct manner.

The central character must not only act in morally and ethically right manner but explain his choice as well. For example, Mr John is an accountant and is faced with the dilemma whether to obey his supervisor and fix the account of a client contrary to the professional ethics or follow his conscience to disobey the supervisor. This is just one example. There are cases more tricky than this one which you may get in the actual assignment.

Essay on ethical dilemma is not difficult to write, but it requires time to think about it

However, you can write a wonderful ethical dilemma essay, if you know the works of major philosophers such as Kant, J.S Mill, Rawls and others. You must be aware with ethical theories right from the days of Greek philosophers and early Christian theologians to the modern theories. In any essay on ethical dilemma you must spread the net of your analysis wide to examine the same from the extremes of utilitarianism one end to Kant's categorical imperatives.

Although in essay on ethical dilemma there are no right and wrong answers, yet your analysis will gradually bring you to the right answer that is right because of its ethical appeal. For example, in some cases utilitarianism based on the greatest happiness of the greatest number will be more appealing even if it entails loss of life or other human rights for few, while in other cases Kant's moral laws will be found more appealing.

You must remember to conclude your essay with strong reasons to explain why you think your solution is the right one.

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