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Review writing is not an easy task. That is why we offer you our professional help

In the academic world, writing a review can be a vital skill, and it is not always clear what professors are looking for. When reviewing a topic, aim to describe your book, television program, film, musical performance, or other media, provide analysis of the piece, and describe the impact the work has on society.

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Here are a few tips to break down the structure of review writing.

1) Take a look at a few reviews similar to what you are expected to produce

Your professor or librarian can point you in the right direction. The professor will often hand out an example of what he/she is looking for. Study how the information is organized and use it as a template and outline for your piece.

2) Start your review writing with a brief description of the piece

Provide a snapshot of the important people or characters that are involved, and give a brief summary of the reason why the book was written, the film was shot, the television program was produced, etc. It is a good idea to describe a bit about what makes your subject special.

3) End your intro paragraph with a clear thesis statement about the piece's tone or theme

This provides direction for your article, and tells your reader why your opinion on the work is important.

4) Give a brief plot summary and talk about the message of the work

Too much rehashing of the story makes readers ignore your opinion when writing a review, so focus on the highlights. Tell your reader how the main plot points and events are used to convey the tone and theme of the piece.

5) Evaluate and Conclude

Describe how well the work you are studying conveys its message, and how it contributes or detracts from its genre. Conclude with how the piece influences or portrays society.

When writing your review, make sure to summarize, analyze, and evaluate the assigned media, and talk about why it is important or valuable.

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