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Richard Cory Analysis Essay Clarifies All the Facts on This Topic

Edwin Arlington Robinson (1869-1935) is the winner of three Pulitzers. He is one of the most famous and prolific American poets. One of his most representative and popular narrative poems is "Richard Cory", published in 1897. If you are studying American poetry and you are required to write a comprehensive Richard Cory analysis essay, then you need to make sure that you have covered all the pervading symbols and themes of this life-like poem, and, what is more important, that the literary analysis is deployed in the specific context of this poem, which is the American Panic of 1893. Because of the fact that such analysis is very difficult, you should seize the opportunity to have it written professionally by turning to the exceptional writing services of experienced specialists in writing agency.

Richard Cory Analysis Essay Is One of Our Favorite Topic to Write On

This way, you can rest assured that your Richard Cory essay will be thoroughly analyzed in its proper historical and economical context, which is primordial to the proper interpretation of this narrative poem.

"Richard Cory" is a poem with hidden depths, symbols, hyperboles, metaphors and motifs devoted to the complex human nature, and only true writing specialists can provide a careful interpretation and a lengthy Richard Cory analysis essay in a timely and efficient manner and for the cheapest prices. They will also analyze the shocking ending of this poem which is very unusual to Edwin Arlington Robinson’s poems, which in most cases end peacefully and quietly. The expertise and dedication of these qualified writers will provide a comprehensive analysis of the meaning of this poem, which will also interpret properly the reasons why a wealthy, well-educated and admired man decides to take his own life. Choose to benefit from a professionally written Richard Cory essay and not only you will pass successfully your American poetry exam, but you will also be highly acclaimed for your outstanding analysis essay on the most profound work of the American poet Edwin Arlington Robinson.

What to Focus On

Poet at Work

When it comes to analyzing poetry and, especially to providing your personal attitude towards what the author wanted to say by using this symbol and that metaphor, you may find yourself a little confused and disoriented. Indeed, poetry itself is quite a delicate issue to discuss.

On the one hand, it can easily turn into the matter of preferences, so to speak. When you feel you really like a poem, understand all its hidden meanings, see all veiled images and just get imbued with it, then you will be able to craft your paper on it successfully. What is more, all (or almost all) your ideas coincide with those of your teacher or professor. On the other hand, there may be a situation when you do not feel like you are really fond of what you are reading. Or you may interpret the general sense of the poem not like your teacher/professor does. So, this is where the challenge starts.

In such a case, the optimal strategy for your writing would be the one that let you express your opinion reasonably and impartially regardless of whether you accept what is said or implied in a poem or not. Besides, while working on your essay and studying some materials devoted either to it specifically or to the poet’s life and work in general, you get a good opportunity to learn a lot of things and, therefore, understand the poem and its author much better.

Now let us make out together what you should always pay your attention to when you read the poem, the author’s notes concerning it (in case you find some) and some critical works which could analyze the poem from different angles. The following ideas are based on the recommendations by Purdue Online Writing Lab and amplified by the writers if our custom service.

The Main Theme

The poem you are writing your paper on may deal with love or the tragedy of love, with war or peace, with historical events or with the sense of human existence and the way people live their lives; there may also be other themes supplementing the just mentioned ones. “Richard Cory” reflects mainly the last two themes, describing the destiny of one person in the society surrounding him. In order to describe clearly what you are actually reading about, imagine how you would explain the theme of this poem to your friend or younger sibling.

The Genre

Books and a Candle

Well, you cannot escape mentioning it. So, before you start writing an essay on any work of literature which is officially referred to poetry, you should define the genre though it may not be very easy. “Richard Cory” is considered to be a narrative poem which narrates, as the name suggests, the story of a man who literally has everything, but ends his own life by putting a bullet through his head. The reasons for his suicide have nothing to do with the genre, and can be related rather with the ideas which the Edwin Robinson wanted to express in his work.

Versification Features

These are the peculiarities of the poem’s rhyme and meter. Get ready – there is going to be a very smart sentence! “Richard Cory” is a good example of a poem written in iambic pentameter. Now take a deep breath and relax. When you are reading an iambic line our loud, you can notice that it starts with an unstressed syllable which is followed by a stressed syllable. The word “pentameter” means that there are five stresses syllables in one line (“penta” is a Greek word for the English numeral “five”).

Figures of Speech

It is better to demonstrate them with the help of particular examples:

  • Cory’s “expectation for the light” is a metaphor.
  • The anaphora is presented by the second and third lines of the last stanza which start with “and”.
  • Cory’s wealth, which was probably even bigger “than the king’s” is described by the special type of comparison presented with the help of the contrast.

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