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Schizophrenia essay will describe the ways of controlling it

Schizophrenia is a mental disease which occurs in the early ages of adulthood or in the late adolescence. This schizophrenia research paper, schizophrenia essay states that the disease can strike at any time in life whereby the signs and the symptoms vary among individuals. This disorder impairs cognition which causes cognitive regression thus impacting emotional problems.

According to research, there are no clinical tests that have been found for schizophrenia. The only diagnosis that is currently being used is the brain scan which is able to determine whether someone is suffering from this disorder. If there is increased dopamine activity in the brain, then this is an indication of schizophrenia.

The schizophrenia research paper, schizophrenia essay explains some of the factors that cause this disorder. One possible factor could be the early development of the brain while still in the womb. This exposes the fetus to infections which will increase the chances of developing schizophrenia later in life.

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Another factor that could cause this disorder is living in an urban setting where there is a high rate of environmental pollution, poor housing and migration due to dysfunctional families. Although drug use has not been proven to cause schizophrenia, it may be related to some extent.

Some of the signs and symptoms include: Hallucinations whereby a person hears voices that are not there and to some extent seeing, tasting and smelling things that are not there. Another symptom is disorganized or incomprehensible speech whereby the person does not make sense out of their conversation or sometimes sentences being disconnected. The individual also suffers from negative symptoms whereby he lacks interest in taking care of their personal hygiene, decreased interest in expressing their feelings and lack of motivation in their daily life activities.

There is no cure for schizophrenia but there are various ways of controlling or reducing it.

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