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“School uniforms”: essay sample.

School uniform as a dress code subtype is a rather disputable question. There is no common opinion about mandatory wearing of school uniform either between school authorities or between students. Moreover, a number of factors making this issue sharper exist, such as debating whether school dress code restricts students’ freedom of self-expression, whether it improves or decreases self-esteem, whether it is boring or adjusts studying level and discipline.

One of the student’s arguments against wearing school uniform is its boringness. According to what students say, school uniform does not let them feel free, comfortable and creative at school. To a certain extent, such opinion is absolutely fair since some of school uniform do really look tedious and can limit student’s moves. From the other side, school is an educational institution, which main purposes are learning and upbringing. If we can consider entertaining as a one of the school aims it would be definitely not the central one. Therefore, students must feel some degree of responsibility and be aware of their aim of school attending and the uniform is a proper tool for it.

When discussing a meaning of school uniform for the student and the educational institution we should view it from the angle of significance of clothes, in general, for an individual. The basic function of clothing is, naturally, defending a human body from various impacts of environment, such as cold, heat, rain, wind or snow. Hence, as a type of outfit the school uniform must not lack in this ability and be appropriate for protecting student’s body being comfortable, healthy and variable for different types of weather. Secondly, we have to mention that for most of people clothes choosing is a long and important process, which means that we give to it bigger significance than just protection from weather conditions. We want to wear what we like and to be liked by others in what we put on. Consequently, clothes are significant for our self-esteem, and school uniform plays a role in how student feels about being at school and being its part, in fact. This is why it should look nice and be attractive for the student to be proud of it.

The third factor, which is worth to be considered, in establishing school dress code is that it is kind of an emblem of educational institution. The look of the student is one of the first things, for which school is judged upon. Certainly, schools exist and function for giving knowledge and developing cognitive skills intellectual abilities of individual but, in the other hand, nowadays it is much more than educational institution. Due to various extra curriculum activities and just connections and communication between people, schools have turned into multi-facet communities. Each of them has its own image and style with school uniform being a part of it.

Considering all the points mentioned, dress code has a restriction function but it serves for educational purposes. What is more school uniform is a component of every school’s image, sometimes even becoming a brand. For these reasons, if the school authority dares to establish the mandatory uniform in their institution it must take care of various aspects, such as the look, comfort, impacts on health and students’ moods.

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