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Sexual harassment is broadly spoken topic today among students.

When the issue of sexual harassment comes up, most people tend to think of a guy grabbing a girl. According to the law, sexual harassment involves either unwelcome sexual advances, requests to perform sexual favors or even verbal statements that are sexual in nature. Many of the sexual harassment essays written share the point of view that women are the only ones affected by these distasteful acts. This is not true because male and female individuals are susceptible to sexual harassment. The most prolific sexual harassment case in the 21st century was the Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas case which involved the suing of a boss on such charges.

A good sexual harassment essay should be able to cover the plight of both male and female victims. This is because sexual harassment does not only happen in the workplace, but also in schools where both boys and girls are victims. It is true that girls, or females are more susceptible to sexual harassment, but it would not be fair to draft a sexual harassment essay leaving out the boys. Girls should be educated on their rights and not take insults from boys. Recently, a high school girl won $600,000 in settlement after suing her school for taking no action in stopping the vice.

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Sexual harassment essays should not be focused on any one gender but the forms of sexual harassment. For instance, there is physical harassment involving touching, pinching, unwanted kissing or even forced sexual encounters. There is also verbal harassment characterized by suggestive sounds, explicit or sexist jokes, and unwanted sexual invitations. Non-verbal harassment includes obstructing a person�s path, ridiculing, staring flirtatiously as well as passing around sexually explicit materials. There are countless sexual harassment behaviors but and all have adverse effects on both the individual and the place of work. This forces the victim to seek solutions and sometimes forces them to extremes such as quitting work.

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