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How to Overcome Shyness: Ten Effective Ways

Shy Person

It is hard to find someone who has never experienced the feeling of embarrassment. However, people who are embarrassed with or without cause should think how to overcome shyness. In their case, we have to deal not with a cute feature of the character, and with the disadvantage which greatly complicates life. There is the fact that modesty is not a vice (for example, for a girl with no ambitions), but the shyness of our time is the feature, which is necessary to get rid of quickly, otherwise it will drag you to the bottom and will not allow anything to be achieved. Here we will talk about overcoming shyness and give you some tips.

Shyness or Modesty

Modesty and shyness are very different notions. Modesty is the best policy. A modest person knows their place in the society and knows the limits. However, a shy person is a person who feels uncomfortable anywhere. These people are mostly silent in any case, and even afraid to say something. In our world, shyness is even a kind of disadvantage, because you always need to be active in order to achieve something.

Why Are You Shy?

All psychological problems, which include shyness and fears, can be solved with analyzing and finding the essence of the problem. Take a piece of paper and a pen and write what you are shy to do. Then try to understand why it is so important for you. Do not forget: the problem awareness is the first step on the way to its solution.

Do Not Focus on the Opinions of Others

Beginning to deal with the dependence on the opinions of others, you must learn the most important rule: “It is impossible to be liked by every person!” Even not everybody likes Brad Pitt. So what? Does he adapt to everybody? Of course, he does not. That is why: stop focusing on the opinion of others. Begin to think only about what you want and what pleases you. Be aware that someone else's opinion will not change your life, and can make it worse.


Communicate with different people, attend interesting events, make new acquaintances. To get acquainted with the person, it is necessary not to start talking to him first. Just smile. “Smile and wave! People like idiots!” In fact, everyone likes sincere and open people. Try to communicate with older people, intelligent and respected. Do not hesitate to ask them for advice. Respect other people and especially yourself. A person, who does not respect themselves, will never respect the others. Be strong and quiet enough.

Work on Yourself

Everyone (and you are not an exception!) has a positive side. Focus on what you do best and develop this quality in yourself.

Self-Hypnosis. What Could Be Without It?!

Write on a piece of paper: who you want to be? For example: “I am successful,” “I am beautiful,” “I will succeed.” Did you write? Now put it in a prominent place, and every morning, waking up, read it aloud, like a mantra.

Blog of Success

You do not need to write a college essay. Get into the habit to fix your achievements in the written form. Be proud of yourself when you reached something. It increases self-esteem and motivates to become better and more confident in yourself and your abilities.

Meet Your Fears!

Very often, the lack of confidence in yourself and different fears keep you from the right choice. This choice, this step could change your life for better. Look into the eyes of your fear! “Treatment” is simple, just go forward to what you are afraid of. Consciously create a situation that frightens you and try to get out of it as a winner.

Take Care of Your Appearance

Beautiful Girl

One of the reasons of shyness is a lack of confidence in appearance. Although you have heard that ideal people do not exist, you continue to believe that you are the most imperfect and awkward person in the world. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, make yourself pretty. Do not try to sound like well-known models. Find a personal style in which you will be comfortable. Dress well, always be clean, neat, with a clear head.

Try the Role of a Hero

Surely you have a favorite movie or book, where the story of the main character is so exciting, that you want to speak his / her phrases and live the same life. Try to act as the favorite hero for one day.

Bold Actions May Help to Overcome Shyness

Think about what actions you could never do because of embarrassment and begin to act.

Bold actions can really overcome shyness:

  • Visit a casting of a TV show.
  • Speak in public with a song, dance or speech.
  • Participate in a beauty contest. Yes, indeed, any public competition suits.
  • Put a radical mini (for girls) shirt or some unreal colors (for guys) and go for a walk.
  • Join a charitable organization that often holds public events.
  • Invite the guy/girl you like out on a date.
  • Made a daring act to overcome shyness, remember about your own safety and legality of what you are doing.

Do not go too far, otherwise, the risk amasses serious trouble.

Find a Friend Who Does Not Know What Is the Shyness

When you are watching the movie, which operates a steep main hero or heroine, you cannot help imagining yourself in his/her place, right? And imagine that you have a friend with cool traits of character like in a movie. You could learn something from him. In addition, such a person would be constantly pulled alongside you beyond your own circle of comfort that greatly helps to overcome shyness.

By following the tips above, you will not even notice, how you become more confident and happier. You are sure to win!

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