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50 Great Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

The introduction of your sports essay is critical due to its mission: it provides your reader with the important data about what your essay actually about and what they should expect from it. The mission of this essay part is next:

  • To reveal the topic and point its nuances.
  • To lead readers towards the perception of the following essay text.

Sports essay topics

Usually, the word “sports” in the context of essay writing means any physical activity people can go in for following various purposes. Still, almost all persuasive essay topics in this field require the writer to concentrate their attention on the particular kind of sports activities.

When I write my essay tasks, I keep the usual essay structure unchanged: this way to build a text is not only the feature of an essay genre but the best one to serve the topic for readers. Structuring this kind of essay deserves some additional descriptions.

Sports Essay Structure

The essay main body reveals critical points of the author’s opinion and actually provides some support to it, especially if the goal of the task is to write a persuasive paper. Good sports essays consist of at least three persuasive arguments supported with the equal number of paragraphs describing why the viewpoint is right.

There are kinds requiring one or two people to play the game. There are games that need groups of different sizes to go in for playing. Usually, activities are divided into groups of most popular ones and niched ones. In addition, there are competitions requiring moving activities and certain muscle skills (Olympic kinds of competitions are the best examples here), and also include mind games like Scrabble or chess recognized as sports kinds by various organizations and generations.

Nevertheless, not every “mind game” is accepted as a sport. Two features of a game usually considered by people are:

  • An element of competition;
  • Skillbased victory chance.

That is why most competitive online computer games are nowadays recognized as sports too. Pay attention to this fact when thinking over your sports argument essay topics. If you need help btec sport homework service, contact our specialists. They can provide you with btec sport assignments help right away.

Persuasive Sports Essay Topics

  1. Studying and sports against stereotypes: college athletes can succeed in academic activities.
  2. Red Bull: drink to get wings but gain heart problems.
  3. Cheerleading is not a kind of sports and should not be perceived as a sport.
  4. Money and colleges: more funds should be devoted to sports in educational establishments.
  5. Students have to be paid as professionals for taking part in sports activities.
  6. Arguments to ban animal competitions: horse racing, dog fighting, etc.
  7. All kinds of hunting have to be forbidden by governments.
  8. Going in for extreme entertainments has to be outlawed.
  9. No alcohol or tobacco advertising should be allowed during events on TV and internet streams and translations.
  10. Sports betting should be forbidden in any form.

Great Topics for an Essay About Sports: Coaching & Female Sports

  1.  A good player does not mean a good coach.
  2. A coach should be more responsible for the health of their athletes.
  3. The skill of the coach matters more than even the greatest talent of a sportsman.
  4. A good coach can lose control more critically than the average one.
  5. Female athletes should be trained by female coaches only.
  6. Bodybuilding is a suitable sport for female athletes.
  7. Stereotypes are the only reason for female boxing to be less popular than male boxing.
  8. Female players can equally compete with men in tennis.
  9. It is not necessary to equalize salaries for female and male sportsmen.
  10. Female athletes can get injured more frequently and seriously than male ones.

Sports Essay Topics: Mind Games, Football and Usefulness

  1. The advantage of a first move is not really the advantage.
  2. Playing chess means losing one’s time and mind in vain.
  3. Headphones are to be a part of poker player’s equipment on live championships.
  4. Chess is not really a kind of sports.
  5. World Memory Championship victorious sportsmen should get international council vacancies.
  6. Game spoiling in the NFL: concussion rules should be canceled.
  7. Offensive football team nicknames: what to do with them?
  8. Is there a place for advertising on jerseys?
  9. The greatest era quarterback: Manning vs Brady.
  10.  Regular exercising does not guarantee stress or obesity reduction.
  11. Children and sports: can sportsmen be role models?
  12.  Steroids: legalization and monetization instead of prohibition.
  13. Is there a reason to censor fans in any way?
  14. Athletes should have press appearance and conferences as mandatory activities.

Essay on Sports: Soccer & Basketball

Basketball essay

  1. Real Madrid success reason is excessive financing: discussing the matter of soccer funding caused on competitions.
  2. Corruption in FIFA is too serious to maintain proper functioning of this organization.
  3.  Fake and “bought” matches in soccer: the critical line.
  4. World Soccer Championships cause devastation on hosting countries.
  5. Club soccer is stronger than the world’s level competitions.
  6. The best basketball player: Michael Jordan.
  7. A stricter dress code is the need for the NBA.
  8. Basketball and mascots: the issue.
  9. Will it be good to NBA clubs to change their location freely?
  10. Age of basketball players: what range is normal for professional plays?
  11. Basketball & rules: what should be changed in them?

Sports Persuasive Essay Topics: Discussion

Essay discussion

  1. How to prevent young athletes and their developing bodies from serious injuries?
  2. Is there a way for pro sportsmen to prevent most frequent traumas?
  3. Mental condition matters much for exercising and competition of sportsmen.
  4.  All players require psychological help after traumas.
  5. Young athlete’s injury can cause serious long-term consequences on their health.

We hope these 50 sports persuasive essay topics are enough for you to find the one you would like to discuss. Have good luck and great marks for your academic writing tasks!

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