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What Kind of Studying Style Are You: Tips to Succeed

People Are Different

It is not a revelation that everyone is different. However, sometimes the education system ignores this fact and makes us all, regardless of our characteristics and personality quirks, apply to certain standards. For example, some people are great mathematicians, but they would rather order a cheap essay online, than write one themselves, because it is truly too hard for them to deal with a written task. The same goes for people who cannot make themselves study in the morning when classes begin, but are full of energy and productivity in the middle of the night. We analyzed the most common studying styles and provided tips for each of them. Find the one that suits you and learn how to improve your studying process.


A studying style that most people could consider ideal is the raven. Ravens, as we all know, meticulously find shiny objects and bring them to their nest, accumulating their bounty and guarding it thoroughly. If you are a student who looks for precious knowledge and accumulates it like the treasure it is, you might be a raven. However, remember that not everything that shines is treasure, and you should avoid doing a lot of work for nothing. Also, it would be good for you to share your ideas with others sometimes, as sharing could enlighten you on many topics.


Sea Turtle

Maybe, you have a low productivity in the morning, and quickly resolving tasks, especially during a test or exam, is simply not for you. You are a dreamer who above all likes to reflect about life and hates to be disturbed. You are shy during group projects and would rather hide in your shell, than participate in a discussion. In case this information is about you, consider the best of your abilities: reflecting and making conclusions. Your analytical side could help you write profound essays and bring out truly astounding ideas. Just remember that you need to be fast if you should be.


It is hard to be a cat. Indeed, no one understands the true majesty that you embody, and often they refuse to worship you. You have a great style and are adored by professors, but your overconfidence and laziness could be something that ruins your relationships with groupmates and lowers your marks. Learn to use your extreme efficiency and superior skills to the best, learn to be generous with others, and you are sure to succeed in all the areas of your life.


Are you very attached to other students or to the professors? Loyalty is a good trait, especially in group projects. However, it seems like you are always lost and in need of guidance. Also, you could get carried away doing a task for someone, at the same time forgetting to work on your own assignment. It is great that you treasure the memories you make at college and your friends above all, but make sure to respect yourself and be there for yourself a little bit more. You have all the skills you need to succeed.



If your mood is ruined, your day is ruined. The whole world revolves around your mood, and you cannot help it. You are an artistic soul. Have you ever seen a cozy cafe on your way to university and decided that today you would rather skip your lectures? If this has happened to you, you are definitely the chameleon type. It is hard to concentrate on the words of your professor, if his mustache irritates you. In case you are guided by your mood, try to control it more and develop your self-control. Here are some ways to do it efficiently. Think about the merits and knowledge you will gain if you study harder and avoid skipping lectures.


A lot of students, by the time they enroll in a certain university, find out that they simply do not understand or have no desire to study their major anymore. Instead of really getting into the material, they learn it by heart and repeat it to the professor, without thinking or considering the subject carefully. They are afraid of bad marks, but the material simply does not interest them. If you are one of these “parrots”, consider changing your major, or, if it is too late, set your priorities in life and what truly matters to you. Imagine your goals clearly and think about the ways to achieve them, be radical if you have to be, as the course of your whole life is at stake.


You probably are the one person the whole campus is aware of. You are always running around, arranging meetings, organizing events, taking part in competitions and giving out speeches. Your activity knows no bounds. However, it is hard to see you during classes, because you are just so busy. If you are one of the ferrets, consider taking a break sometimes. After all, college is not only about socializing, but also about studying and gaining knowledge that will help you later in life.

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