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Proverbs About Time in English


Today, relationship to time is determined by two factors: how to better spend it and how to save it in the increasingly accelerating rhythm of life. In different epochs, time was an illusory magnitude, an analogue of a priceless currency or force with which a person had to struggle daily, and all these ideas were embodied in English proverbs about time. They are all very beautiful and will certainly enrich your speech. It is not necessary to learn them all, just select a few especially liked and boldly use them in conversation. Your interlocutor will be pleasantly surprised by your knowledge.

Better Three Hours Too Soon Than a Minute Too Late

The shrewd phrase from the comedy "Windsor mockers" has long ceased to be perceived solely as a Shakespearean quotation and has become firmly established in everyday life, becoming an excuse for stressed punctuality, which is considered not just a good tone, but an immutable rule in the UK. All because the British are aware of the transience of time, which is reflected in their proverbs.

Time Fleeth Away Without Delay

Time cannot be stopped, it does not listen to anyone and continues its movement according to unknown and incomprehensible laws. Delay is impossible and no person can be an exception.

Time and Tide Wait for No Man

A tide is also regarded as a force that cannot be stopped. Therefore, in this case, a parallel is drawn, which emphasizes the irreversibility of these two concepts.

Time Rolls His Ceaseless Course

Walter Scott's quote is very interesting for analysis. As we see, here time is displayed in the male face. And again, attention is focused on the fact that it is impossible to stop it.

Time, however invisible and inexplicable it is for us, is power that guides our lives. Not money, no matter how many other English proverbs have claimed this, not power and not happiness, because it is time given to us that allows to enjoy all it.

He That Has Time Has Life

If to rephrase and say that the one who does not have time does not have life, then the phrase becomes frightening. However, its meaning does not change from this. Time is identified with life not accidentally, one concept is inextricably linked with another.

An Ounce of Gold Will Not Buy an Inch of Time

Here, for the sake of affectation, the concept of money is introduced. You cannot buy health, happiness, sincere friendship and certainly, you can not buy time. Money is a too mundane concept in order to put it on a par with time.

The proverb especially clearly reflects the essence of time as a phenomenon: it seems to us that it is eluding us, but is its speed depends only on us. When every moment of life is filled with impressions and used with advantage, its run slows down. We say that only idlers complain about a lack of time, and this idea is supported by the following proverb.

A Wise Person Does at Once, What a Fool Does at Last

If there is a possibility not to waste time, then you need to use it. Of course, if you still have time to do something before it is too late, you will remain in a certain win, but the lost time will not be returned. Therefore, it is better to act immediately.

The call, concluded in the Latin "Carpe diem" ("catch the day"), is reflected in various proverbs.

There Is No Time Like the Present

There will not be such a time as now, so if you have something to do, then the best time to implement it is now. Do not wait for the illusory "best" time, it will never occur.

We Are Here Today and Gone Tomorrow

The fact that life is fleeting and we may not simply have time to realize everything conceived is also reflected in proverbs.

One Today Is Worth Two Tomorrows

It is not clear what will happen tomorrow and whether tomorrow will be at all. Therefore, the best option is not to count on it at, but to live solely the current moment.

Happy the Man and Happy He Alone Who Calls Today His Own

The semantic continuation of the previous proverb. If you realize that your current day is not in vain and that you really did something useful, then you have not wasted valuable time.

So, when next time you feel that time is flying and it is not enough for anything, remember the following idea.

If You Want Time, You Must Make It

Find it, set it free. Eliminate unnecessary and useless activities, do what is key to you. The presence of free time depends only on you.

Take Time by the Forelock

Use a favorable moment, pull in your ears. The second case it may be impossible.

The concept "time management" is not accidentally firmly entrenched in the list of skills necessary for survival in the modern world. Every day we are attacked by so many distractions and "devourers of time" that in pursuit of them 24 hours are not enough for something really important. In other words,

Time Is What We Want Most, but What We Use Worst

Time requires constant monitoring (that is why the generation of managers working with the timer has already grown). Otherwise, we follow our own laziness, apathy and fear of responsibility tastes. Procrastination is the lack of willpower and motivation and just a bad habit that imperceptibly deprives you of an irreplaceable resource. English proverbs confirm this.

Lost Time Is Never Found Again

This confirms once again that what has been done cannot be undone, the lost moment will not return again.

Although, you will agree, it is impossible to live in the gripe of constant self-restraint, it threatens with a bleak routine or maniacal pursuit for every second. Finally,

The Time You Enjoy Wasting Is Not Wasted Time

But do not get carried away too much, thinking that there will always be time for non-urgent matters. As practice shows, if the case initially does not have a clear deadline, which chafes your nerves and makes you move, this deadline never comes. For this, there is an English proverb:

What May Be Done at Any Time Will Be Done at No Time

Time has less obvious and applied properties. Almighty time dulls pain, withers suffering, corrects human errors, and sometimes deprives even the deepest feelings of strength. These mysterious aspects of time are reflected in different proverbs.

Remember potential hidden in every hour, shamelessly spend time with pleasure, plan your day, invest your time and do not forget to stop to enjoy the moment.

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