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Who can tell me where I can find descriptive essay ideas?

Researchers in Social Science are used to write about critical analysis topics, but when the students begin their journey in their respective fields they only do basic research using basically descriptive essay ideas. The problem is these are practiced by Political Scientists, Historians and Sociologists alike, who are not critical enough about social problematics, when they first start their research.

Firstly they should begin stating what the problem is about and why that seems to be important for society and themselves. Once the student has properly described the phenomenon, he or she should continue pondering about if such problem has a solution. There are some methods or techniques they can follow in order not to only describe and explain the situation to others, but to imagine a set of new scenarios elaborating thus several new ways to approach the problem.

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The techniques can change depending on the emphasis that the research will need. They usually fall in two categories: quantitative and qualitative analysis. For example Statistical Analysis can be counted as a quantitative method and Focus Groups is another example of a qualitative technique. These methods can be applied to any topic exploration, in order to test their strength, when we approach a social problem for the first time in an essay.

Doing that they will be able to understand the phenomenon more deeply and in consequence they would be able to go beyond the descriptive essay ideas. Besides they can aboard critical analysis topics without the need to be shallow in their explanations, contributing to the research with a greater value for science and watching more clearly any possible outcome of a given problem. The task is not always completed if the student doesn't make a critical analysis of the situation and propose some possible solutions for it. Most of the time some of these researches are ended by being only a mere description of a social process.

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