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1000 Word Essay: What It Is and How to Write One

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Usually, 1000 word essays are assigned without any special topic, you just need to do your best in the subject you are writing it for. So, it often happens that the students do not know what are the special features of the required essay, which topic to choose an if it should be precisely 1000 words long. Here are some answers regarding the content and the format of such a paper.

The Most Important Task

When it comes to any paper with a limited word count, what is expected from you is to manage your thoughts in such a way that this word count is enough to cover the topic. Therefore, your answers should be concentrated like juice, only giving the most important facts as the supportive arguments. For some, writing a longer paper is easier as you have a possibility to list down all the point you want and show all the evidence you find important. Here the situation is different, you should be laconic and logical to write a good 1000 words essay.

What Does It Develop?

The first plus is that this kind of work will help you be more self-organized as you will have to keep your writing suitable for it. The second benefit is that you learn how to tell more important information from the less important data and be clear while putting it down to words, being limited with the length. The third good skill you will manage to develop while writing this paper will be stress resistance to the situations when you have to limit yourself, be it a 2 minutes long speech, a research paper presentation or the bullet points of the lecture. If you train enough, you will manage to catch the important information fast and use it effectively after.

Choosing the Topic

In case you have the topic ready, you can most likely let out a sigh of relief and skip this step, but for the less fortunate students this part might be quite helpful. If you want to be productive and spend less time on the research, try to list down all the topics you feel like writing about, and then select three of them that are related. This way, you will be able to research for all of the topics selected, saving some time. Moreover, sometimes it happens that the paper does not really correspond to the topic you were planning to work on in the very beginning. This way, you will be able to substitute it with the other topic from the list.

Making a List

Another hint: for your convenience do not decide on the final topic before you have done enough research, as it might happen that you get more interested in the literature or music of the 30s and not the 20s. As well, it happens that we are limited to the resources that lack some special information, so we either have to be very general or choose a slightly different aspect of the problem. See, flexibility is the key!

Role of Planning

It is not a secret that creating a complete and logical piece of writing without any planning is just as easy as walking barefoot on the coal. Take your time planning and structuring your work, make a rough draft after you have spent some time researching. Planning is very important for such short papers, as you only have one thousand words and not more to impress the reader, make them interested, inspire them to agree with you.

How Fast Should I Write This Paper?

See, there can be only one clear answer to this question: you need to complete the essay before the deadline. Apart from this, you are free to choose any preferable way to do it. You can write it in one breath, only sometimes letting yourself have short breaks, as well as you can write a hundred words per day or every three hours. Here is one more situation where the quality is much more important than the speed.

Typing a Paper

What If the Deadline Is Approaching?

There are quite a few articles about different techniques of productive writing. One of the descriptions of the fruitful writing process includes the steps that have the aim to keep you off staring at the blank document and start filling it with the heading, the topic and writing the thesis statement or the hook, depending on the type of the essay. Then you should proceed with the outline and just write according to it. It takes some time to plan the paper, but once you are done with the planning, writing it will indeed take considerably less time than before.

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