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"Truth is stranger than fiction." This is part of famous author Mark Twain's quotation that signifies that reality is believable and remarkable than tales invented by creative minds. Fiction writing is nonetheless a figment of one's imagination but sometimes it can happen in a bizarre event. If you have read the novel "Invisible Man" written by National Book Award winner Ralph Ellison, you will be mesmerized at the imagery that the writer injected in his writings. The Battle Royal story was actually culled from this book which gave inspiration to African-Americans to stand strong against their oppressors. Battle royal Ralph Ellison is a social realism first published in 1947.

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The novel derives the invisibility of the main character that was not seen as a real human being. By being invisible, it gave him the advantages by lambasting the oppressors in inconspicuous way. Battle royal story is enriched with imagery and colorful figures of speech to inject messages from the narrator against inequality, injustice and racial discrimination. Indeed Battle Royal Ralph Ellison is not a stereotype of a rebel but it is a representation of social issues that need to be resolved. Black people were considered an outcast and the underdog.

Ellison should be commended for his artistry by citing some metaphors and music to give deep meaning to his idealism versus racism. This satire in first person account gives readers the empathy on the struggles and hardship that the African American people had experienced during the latter part of the 19th century and early part of the 20th century in North America. If you want to write stories of this genre, you can browse on academic assistance writing agency that provides writing vehicle for writers and offers A-1 term paper, research paper, reaction paper essay, thesis, dissertation paper and other academic writings. The agency also caters to students, professional and newbie who want to excel in the writing field.

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