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Adult Life: Will It Be as Perfect as You Have Imagined?

Moving In

Every student thinks that graduating from college or university and starting living as a mature individual if the fantastic moment in their life and will always be funny and easy. Even though it can surely be, you will still have some ugly moments sometimes and that is inevitable. Here are some reasons to prove it might not be as glamorous as you think.


Say your goodbyes to mom’s tasty dinners and students’ cafes on campus. Yes, you will have to learn to cook, at least some basic meals, in order to nourish yourself. Constantly ordering in can be very expensive and no doubt, during at least the first couple of months, your top priority will be to save some money.


No matter how unfair it may be, your new apartment won’t be able to clean itself. So if you don’t want to search your things in a pile of dirty clothes on the floor or see how the layer of dust on your bookshelves gets thicker you will have to do some cleaning regularly. And that is not an easy task if you have a full-time job and your days off are planned a couple of weeks beforehand.


You have got your salary and finally you can buy that cute bag you have been looking at the whole month. Except you have to pay the rent, the telephone, the internet, cable, etc… okay, maybe that bag can wait for another month after all.


Groceries won’t magically appear in your fridge as well. Yes, being an adult means spending a valid amount of money on groceries for the week ahead and then just eating half of it during one night while having a bad mood.


Usually, all the landlords can be divided into 2 types. The first type is the apathetic and unresponsive ones. Your washing machine broke? Don’t worry, you will surely get it fixed, within 3 or 4 weeks (maybe) if you are a lucky person. The second type is over-caring ones, who call you almost every single day and pay you visits regularly, thus don’t give you a possibility to live an independent life. It’s actually hard to decide which case is better.


Adult life means having neighbors who are there to throw a loud party when you are trying to catch some sleep before an early morning meeting, and then complaining that you are too noisy when all you have done was watching TV.

Surely, you might not get to experience all the situations above, but being an adult means learning how to handle all the possible real-life problems. You no longer have parents around to make the life easier for you and living alone in an apartment is nothing like life in a dorm. So it’s important to have a clear understanding on what is awaiting you ahead so not to be caught off-guard by something you were not prepared for.

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