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An Essay on Conflict Resolution: Improve Your Writing Skills

In fact, conflict is a component of our daily life and cannot be characterized in only negative light. To a certain extent, it can be described as an engine that makes us move, communicate, make changes, and improve our environment and ourselves. To find more tips for your essay on conflict resolution and methods to advance your writing check our article.

  1. Defining conflict and a process of conflict resolution.
    1. Conflict is inevitable part of any possible relationships. As two sides cannot constantly be in agreement conflicts tend to emerge. They are the attributive of healthy relationships, which are developing. People may disagree on motivations, values, desires and ideas – this is how conflict arise.
    2. The earnest of managing conflicts is their positive resolution. If the conflict is mishandled it can have damaging results. However, if the both sides of a conflict are aimed on its fastest and constructive determination it can even improve understanding and communication.
  2. Basics of conflict resolution.
    1. First of all, you are to recognize the conflict, sometimes it can be latent. However, in order to demonstrate their needs in the conflict people usually express a range of emotions. If the conflict is not recognized and resolved on time it can lead to more serious consequences. For example, if the conflict takes place in personal relationships they may be broken up. Painless resolution of conflicts will result in better mutual understanding.
    2. in order to resolve conflicts successfully you need to possess certain qualities, such as:
  •  ability to calm down in a stressful situation;
  • Correct interpretation of both verbal and non-verbal communicative codes;
  • Ability to control what you do and the way you express your thoughts and feelings;
  • Awareness of differences and showing respect to them.
  1. Methods for successful conflict management.
    1. To resolve the issue, first of all, you are to recognize the significant matters and be able to respond them.
    2. If you are able to forgive one’s fault it is a big step forward for conflict management.
    3. Negotiating and compromising are more than helpful for handling conflicts. The negotiations usually result in compromise, which reflects the interests of both parties.
    4. In order to tie up the conflict faster you should consider relieving the stress that makes you see all the issues in darker light. Try your ways for getting rid of stress as they are personal for everyone and get back to the conflict with fresh mind and readiness to forgive and negotiate.
  2. Mistakes, which make resolving conflicts difficult or impossible
    1. If one reacts to conflicts in a hurtful, inadequate, rude or angry manner it only worsens the conflict. Once too negative emotions are shown they may trigger the same reaction in your conflict partner if he is not too experiences in resolution methods.
    2. One of possible mistakes is expecting negative results in the process of resolution. One should be in an optimistic mood in order to get positive results.
    3. If the conflict is avoided it can only inflame the situation. Being hidden, the conflict grows and is acquiring new features, which makes it harder for resolution.


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