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Never Too Late to Learn

Old Student

Would you give up on your normal life at the age of 85 and go to the university? Seems unrealistic? For most people imagining someone who wants to change something about their lives at this age is hard, close to impossible. Are you one of those who are looking forward to finish their education and run as far as possible from their colleges? Then the following stories might show you the other side of the coin.

Reasons for Late Education

The last century was not so generous to the people who wanted to study as this one is. Not only free education was not always available to get, but also for some working since the young age was a more practical option. Some of them have decided to leave things as they are, while some have chosen an alternative. For example, Pablo Valverde was not stopped by the fact that he would have to sit and learn new stuff with three times younger classmates. Pablo quitted school at the age of eight (he had only finished the third grade), when Pablo's dad, who worked as a miner, passed away at the age of 40. A father's death evidently influenced the little boy, as he had to start working in order to help his family. Now he is studying hard his English the same as when he was working for only three pesos per day.

Studying Extends Life

Right now Valverde says he is happy that he has a chance to spend time with students and teachers as previously his life seems like only about watching TV so he could die soon. So, we can assert that studying is not that bad if we look on it from another prospective, right? It is definitely better than just sitting lonely in your room and dreaming about life. Better go and create it now!

Good Example Gives Others Hope

Other students admire Pablo's enthusiasm and say that he gives others hope. Really, when you look at such people, you subconsciously start to believe that there is nothing impossible if you want something. Although Pablo isn't the oldest participant in the adult education program, as there is another 89-year-old student from Carrollton, as well as around ten other 80-year old students started classes on different programs. These people's aim is not only a good education but also the usage of their skills for finding part-time jobs. Can you imagine how much energy they have saved? Incredible!

Father of Six Children Decides to Complete His Studies

At the same time somewhere in Nepal, a 68-year-old Durga Kami is ready for another day of learning. Every learning day, he has to put on his school uniform just like all the other pupils do. His situation is similar to Pablo's. Poverty prevented him from finishing school as a child and since then his main goal was to become a teacher. Being a father of six children does not stop him from completing his studies. He says that going to higher secondary school and being surrounded by hundreds of students every day is different than spending time with himself in his one-room house, where the roof leaks and problems with electricity constantly occur. He is studying the same subjects as his 14-year-old classmates and says that he is there to forget his sorrows.

Techer's Opinion on Such a Student

Shree Kala Bhairab is a teacher who invited Kami to school and gave him the stationery and his school uniform: grey trousers, a blue stripped tie and a white shirt. For him, that is the first experience of teaching someone who is of his father's age. He said that having such a unique student is an exciting possibility. An amazing fact is that some of the students even call Kami "baa", which means "father" in Nepali. His age evidently does not matter for Kami as he is joining all school activities, including volleyball in the schoolyard.

Our Today's Winner!

Smiling Old Lady

Are you wondering who is the oldest school student in the world? It would be a 90-year-old Priscilla Sitienei. Sitting next to her great-great-grandchildren she learns English, and she attends Physical Education lessons, too. She should have finished her school program more than half a century ago, but she could not because of the lack of money. Sitienei told the BBC that she'd like to inspire her children to learn and get to know more by herself as well.

It is a blessing to have such people around us, showing us that the limits can be crushed down and once there is a will, there is a way.

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