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5 Tips for Beginner Writers: a Good Advice to Follow


Are you tired of daydreaming about your finished project and then staring at the blank page of a computer screen? Would you like to get a few tips on how to practice to write, that work both for creative and academic writing? Becoming a writer may be challenging, but everyone starts from the bottom, and here are a few tips on how to begin.

Tip #1 Choose a Time

Choose a fixed time each day and clear up your schedule. Promise yourself that every day, whether it is 2 PM or 2 AM you will sit down at your desk and write. At first, you may just bite your nails, pet the cat, play with your hair and get nothing done, but little by little the intimidating blank piece of paper will start to fill up with your ideas. Your brain will get adjusted to the fact that this time is reserved for creativity and help you out with fresh writing ideas!

Tip #2 Publishing a Story Is Not a Priority

A mistake that many writers commit often is that they write for the sake of publishing. There is nothing wrong with wanting to publish your story, to look for ways to make it noticeable, but concentrating only on that will make your story artificial. Many famous works were acknowledged after the authors’ death because they wrote to themselves, just for the sake of telling their story from the heart. Imagine if the classics we all know were tailored for the needs of the public – they wouldn’t be classics, would they?

Tip #3 Write in Small Doses

A good novel takes years, if not decades to become what it is. Do not get discouraged simply because you cannot get the whole story out in record time. Rather than concentrating on the quantity of the pages, concentrate on making a habit of writing a few paragraphs of quality words per day. Some experienced writers recommend finishing each day with a cliffhanger – so that you will want to come back quicker to your story and write out what happened next!

Tip #4 Find a Reader

Give your finished piece to your mom, to your neighbor or the mailman. Ask them to give sincere commentary, and you will see your work from a new perspective. At the same time, patience is required! Keep in mind that everyone is busy, and if they do not read your work in a few days, it may have nothing to do with you, but simply with the schedule of their lives.

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Tip #5 Be Truthful

How many awful movies have you watched simply because your favorite actor was in them? You watched because you liked the actor, and the same principle will apply for your novels. If you stay true to yourself, preach your genuine ideas and thoughts, you will gather around yourself the readers that will enjoy anything you write, because they will admire you as a person.

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