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College Farewell Party and How to Plan It

college party

Farewell party is a fantastic opportunity to say goodbyes to your college friends. You should plan it in a funny and memorable way so that it got nostalgic after a while. There are so many things you have to consider, but don’t be afraid! With right planning, you will surely make it the party of the year. Here are some tips to help you with that.

Share some Memories

Print your group photos from different class activities, parties or go-outs you had together and put them in a handmade scrapbook. You can also leave funny comments or short descriptions on each of the photos. Present your work to your group mates and give them an opportunity to take some photos while leaving. Besides, you can decorate the party room with some of these group photos.

Make It a Themed Party

Your goal is to make it different from ordinary student parties, so catch an interesting tip will to set a theme. For example, you can ask everyone to come dressed as a reality stars or host a masquerade. Whatever you choose, make sure to plan every detail from styled invitations to music and even meals.

Share Gifts

Of course, everyone would like to congratulate each other and give a small present that would be special and meaningful. You may also share goodbye cards with some warm words and wishes.

Hold an Awards Ceremony

Holding a mockery award ceremony with prizes and certificates would also be an interesting idea. Make up some categories like “Silliest Joke Teller”, “Most Terrific Technician”, “Best Debater”, etc. Make sure to prepare a nomination for everyone and insist that all the winners should hold a thank-you speech.

Remember Funny Incidents

Ask all the students to write down one funny incident that happened to them during their college times. Take all the pieces of paper and put them into a box or a bag. Now each of you can pull a note and read it aloud, all the other students should guess who the author is. You will surely remember a lot of interesting moments and get to know something new about your friends.

Create a Place for Taking Photos

Have a photo booth or simply arrange a place where everyone could take a picture to capture the farewell party in their memory. Bring some interesting props like wings, funny hats, balloons…well, you’ve got the drift. It will surely make your party unforgettable.

Guess the Teacher

sticky notes game

Teachers and professors play a major role in every student’s life and, no doubt, they are worth being mentioned during the farewell party. One funny way to do this is to play a game. Place your teachers’ names on sticky notes and stick these pieces of paper onto each other’s foreheads. Now you have to ask yes or no questions and guess the person whose name is on your note. Believe me, this game will bring you a lot of fun!

No matter what you decide to do, make sure that your party will make everyone feel happy and relaxed. After all, any graduation party is about recalling the funny college times and wishing each other well in future beginnings.

4 Don’ts on a Really Great Farewell

Students at Farewell Party

No doubt, games, songs, funny jokes and memorable presents are all wonderful things until something really silly happens. A few recklessly said words may turn your cozy evening upside down and leave bitter aftertaste for many years to come. Bet, you don’t want anything like this. So, let’s have a look at a few things which you and your friends should never do if you want to enjoy your time together and remember it with smiles on your lips and tell your kids how awesome it was.

Don’t Get a Bun On

Well, no one forbids you to have a few glasses of good wine. However, you probably don’t want your group mates to remember you as “ah, that guy/girl who got a bun on when we were celebrating our farewell”. The worst thing about such memory is that it is unlikely to evaporate either in 5 or even in 10 years. So, take it into your consideration.

Don’t Remind About Past Quarrels

Even if there are some guys who you never liked and might have some quarrels with, the last evening you spend with them is a chance to forgive them all and free your soul from past offences, however solemn it may sound to you. Indeed, think why you need to take all those silly things from the depths of your memory and spoil the wonderful party with them. Leave them all in your past where you will never come back.

Don’t Pretend Stony-Hearted

Whoever you are, a guy or a girl, remember that tears are natural for all of us, because we all have those special glands that produce them. So, if you are a guy, don’t be afraid to let one poor little man tear express your deep-deep feelings. That’s not a reason for making mockeries. If you are a girl, don’t worry about your make-up. You will wash your face and everything will be alright. Wise men said that when we forget how to cry, we won’t be humans any more.

Don’t Ask or Tell About Someone’s Plans for the Future

Yes, that may be quite a painful question. Even if you are that lucky guy who has already decided what to do the morning after the party, remember that your best friend might not have made his or her mind yet. What is more, uncertainty may truly frighten him or her. So, don’t rub salt into their wounds. Just enjoy your time.

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