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Book review examples for students.

Tip for students:

Before you start writing a book review paper you should take into attention the particular points:

  • Your reader may be not familiar with the book, thus, you should provide a short summary of it at the beginning.
  • Also, you are expected to explain the extra-literary context: social, cultural or historical factors of the influence.
  • Be ready to provide a substantial literature analysis and give your personal opinion on the book in the last paragraph of your review.

The review of “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka


Novella “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka was first published in 1915. The story begins with the situation when one morning Gregor Samsa finds himself transformed: he has become a huge insect with a monstrous look. However, he does not trying to find the reason for it or any logical explanation. Soon his family discovers his transformation but for the only reason that their son and brother is late for work what it very unusual for him. Making a giant effort Gregor manages to open the door with his mouth and makes his family shocked and puzzled. Within some time Gregor is getting used to his new body and even enjoys climbing walls and ceiling. After Gregor is transformed no one from his family even tries to speak directly to him, moreover, soon they are thinking of getting rid of him. Gregor understands this and dies in his bedroom, which gives to his family a great sense of relief.


“The Metamorphosis” was first published in 1915 and it gained a huge popularity all over the world. It wins a significant literature award in Germany “Theodor Fontane Prize”. Experts state that novella’s plot was influenced by Kafka’s style of life. He experienced a pressure from his parent’s side and had a routine job for a while that could have had an impact on his writing. In his writing Franz Kafka emphasized existing absurdity and people being alienated.

Literary analysis

Franz Kafka reveals some important and innovative themes for his time, such as absurdity of life, disconnection between mind and body, and alienation.

The act of Gregor’s transformation is, factually, absurd as he never ask himself why it happens and do not even try to explain or wonder how this is at least possible. His family treats the metamorphosis in the same way: they do not look for solution and help for Gregor but only consider him as a burden for their daily life. What is more, after Gregor dies they do not have any sympathy or regrets but take it as a relief as they can move to smaller apartment.

While Gregor’s body is completely changed his mind stays the same, which is why a disharmony happens, his thinking is still the same as human’s way. Although, he becomes accustomed to his new appearance and starts behaving like bugs usually behave his human mentality do not disappear entirely. Also, in this case the author claims that out physical substance is ruled by our mental ability.

Regarding the theme of alienation, in our opinion, it is close to absurdity concept when Gregor-insect becomes absolutely strange to his family and  they do not have any feelings towards him.

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