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Critique essay: topics and basic writing rules

One of the most important rules for writing a critical essay is criticizing in a free but respectful manner. This means that you should provide your opinion about a certain issue, which, nevertheless, should be objective, unbiased and not be influenced by your political, religious or other views. In order to write a critique essay well you must not omit two important stages of the writing process, such as learning the strategy of critical writing and choosing and appropriate topic. Here you can find the basic steps in pursuing these two essential points of critique essay completion.

Stage 1. Learning the critical writing strategy

  • Pay attention to the topic you select for your paper. It should be interesting and a bit controversial so you can make a point about it. Basically, you need to have a ground for developing your thesis and points to criticize.
  • Do not forget about proper organization of the paper. The essay should have introduction and conclusion, which will make a so called “frame” for the main body of the paper providing general insights and reasons why the topic should matter for the reader.
  • Make sure that all your critical arguments are supported by the evidence. This is the only way to persuade the reader in a validity of your opinion.

Stage 2. Elaborating the topic.

  • In this section we will provide you with some ideas of topics for the critique essay, which are convenient and interesting for academic writing.
  • A good ground for critical thinking and evaluating can be found in various social issues. Thus, you can consider following topics:
  • Personal identity and fashion. Assess the impact of fashion on people, their behavior, buying and consuming habits. Think if fashion plays an important role for you and your surroundings. Evaluate such issues as being obsessed by fashion and its changeability.
  • Gay marriages. This topic is a really controversial piece nowadays and attitudes vary depending on such factors as nationality, religious beliefs and social acceptance of this phenomenon. You can state your opinion regarding the issue and defend it using reliable facts and reasonable arguments. Also, you can touch upon a concept of love which can be interpreted in different ways.
  • Use of drugs in sports. Generally, it is accepted that drug use and, moreover, abuse are completely negative. However, we can discuss this point when it comes to sport. State your position about using drugs in sport activities. Evaluate the issue indicating whether it is sharp nowadays and try to provide good examples for or against it.
  • Also, you can provide a critical review of some texts, such as novels, scientific, magazine or newspaper articles. When you decide to criticize a literature work make sure that you consider following points:
  • The personality of author and his voice. Take into account the historical period when the writer lived and the social and cultural circumstances that surrounded him or her.
  • Pay attention to the literature piece itself: evaluate it structure and manner of writing.
  • Think if you can find any weak or not convincing places and suggest your ways for improvement.

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