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Christmas Writing Prompts

Holiday spirit

Through writing, most students can stretch the imagination, limits of their minds and writing skills. But you would probably ask me, who cares about writing when it is the most magical time of the year? Let me disagree, it is the time for creativity, inspiration, and miracles as well. Christmas writing prompts are the best way to feel the holiday spirit, explore the creative recesses of your mind, and recall that it is all about giving and receiving. Moreover, it is a great opportunity for reflection, some kind of therapy session. Save your favorite writing service for essays and coursework, you are about to boost your imagination with a help of Christmas story writing.

So, why do not we use the holiday season in our favor? Christmas writing prompts middle school offers are so boring while our Christmas writing ideas are killer ones. The funny Christmas writing prompts listed below range from the imaginative ideas of Santa, his reindeer, and Elves to the nostalgic reflections on your own family traditions. But before we dive right into it, let us explain why writing Christmas letters and using writing prompts are crucial.

Christmas Writing Prompts as the Best Way to Start Your Writing

You are probably thinking to yourself “How can I be creative by using somebody else's ideas?” Let us have some willing suspension of disbelief.

If you already know what to write in a Christmas card and what to get for your relatives, you are probably a member of an endangered species. Just because for most the people it is the hardest part of this holiday. In this case, writing prompts, especially for newer writers and someone who wants to become one, can help you get past that awkward stage when you are trying to negotiate with your brain who, let's face it, is an evil mastermind vying for its own freedom. Think of Christmas writing prompts as a stepping stone, a Lego block, the plank on the ship of creativity to help you get from “A” (no ideas) to “B” (some ideas).

I hear a lot of writers talk about how hard it is to write during the holidays (and I am one of these writers.) One of my favorite Christmas songs growing up was the “12 days of Christmas”, so I would give you 12 days of Christmas creative writing. You can just sneak out of your family gathering for even 5 minutes and use these writing prompts to get a little writing done. Maybe you will end up using these questions and scenes in your future book or maybe you just need them to shake the cobwebs out of your brain.

I also recommend to change the scenes or questions but use the same basic concept. By doing so you create something that intrigues you as well as helping you to generate a new story idea. This works for everyone with a bonus of helping you beat a writer's block.

12 Christmas Writing Prompts

Writing prompt

I want to remind you that writing is fun. It is time to take a break from your tedious writing assignments. So, use your imagination to answer these questions and picture the scenes. Jot down the results of your brainstorming on paper.

Let us try these on for size!

1. Imagine that one of your relatives has a little too much spice eggnog and picks a fight with another member of your family. The fight that is going on for years and that everyone in your family was really hoping would not come up this holiday. Write that fight. Who are they? What are they fighting about? And how does it resolve? Who knows, maybe it does not?

2. Have you ever watch “Love Actually?” I bet you have. What kind of Christmas love story would you add to this gorgeous film? Where would it happen in? How would it connect to the events of the movie? If you have never watched “Love Actually”, ask this question - if you could be in any Christmas movie, what would it be and why? What character would you play?

3. Tell the story of how you stop believing in Santa (sorry to disappoint you, but he does not exist). Was it your mom who told you? Did it ruin your Christmas?

4. Imagine that your sister/ brother/ friend is giving you a Christmas gift. They think it is the best gift in the world. You are opening the box and you are horrified. You have never seen anything so repulsive or scary before. So, what is it in the box? Why did they think it was a good idea for a present? What happens next? What kind of gift did you want to get?

5. Would you choose – to live in a gingerbread house or Santa's workshop? Describe a day of your life there.

6. Go out wherever you are and collect three Christmas objects. They could be food, a decoration or piece of clothing. Take those three objects and write a scene in which one or two characters uses or touches each of these objects. They have to physically hold, taste or smell them. They can be super important parts of the scene or they can just be a set dressing as something else is going on.

7. Picture that you could celebrate this holiday only with one person. Who would it be? Why him or her?

8. Think of your favorite Christmas memory as a child and as an adult. Does the spirit of Christmas feel different? What has changed?

9. Look at your Christmas tree and tell us the story that connects all the meaningful ornaments on it.

10. Set the scene for cozy Christmas dinner and/or Christmas breakfast. Would it be the scene from “Home Alone” or your typical family dinner?

11. Imagine that you have to celebrate Christmas on a secluded beach where nobody is watching you. How would you decorate your Christmas palm tree? Describe all the details.

12. Where would you like to celebrate Christmas besides your own country? How does Christmas look like in there? Do they have the same traditions? What tradition do you wish your family would adopt?

Christmas Writing Ideas


To tell the truth, you come up with ideas for your own writing prompts by just observing: billboards, snatches of overheard conversation, random words picked from your favorite book and so on. Keep an eye out for everything that fires your imagination – lyrics of the song, parts of a dream, even the words on a box of cereals. Write them down and use as writing prompts to spark your creativity. You never know where they might take you.

Try to look at usual things differently. For instance, how would you describe a snow to your friend in Hawaii who has never seen one before? Another example – you are at the airport waiting for the plane to visit grandparents at Christmas. But all the flights are canceled because of a blizzard and it is prohibited to leave the building. So, you are stuck at the airport on a Christmas Eve. How would you spend this day? Describe whether it was your worst or the best Christmas?

Your imagination is like a match, you just have to light it, so to speak. And writing prompts are the best way to do it. Think about it, there are hundreds of ways to light the match – swipe it on the ground or use the match which is burning but striking it against the matchbox would be the easiest one. So, ignite the firework on Christmas Day!

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