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College Life: the First Steps

Older siblings and parents often say that the years spent in college were the best of their lives. That is why freshmen eagerly await the day when they can start their own journey. What they forget is that adaptation is not an easy process, and expectations can considerably differ from the reality. Indeed, moving to another city, meeting new people, starting life on your own or with roommates is not everyone’s cup of tea. On top of adapting to daily life, you need to conform to your professor’s standards of a star student: completing all of the assignments, being on time, active and present, doing research, joining study groups and setting your camping tent in the library. How do students manage to enjoy living in this mess?

Be organized and self-reliant

Accept the fact that school days are gone, and you need to learn how to take care of yourself. Invest in a notebook or diary, where you can note down the important tasks for the day. List the names of the people you met, your professor’s emails. Draw a little map on how to get around on campus. Try to be punctual and leave a good first impression. Even though your roommates might seem friendly at first, they are not responsible for waking you up or cleaning after you. Learning how to take care of yourself will be a huge advantage not only for the months to come, but also during your whole life. Of course, it might be a tough habit to start, so do not hesitate to ask for help!

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Even though it might seem impossible, find the time to explore your campus and your new city. Some freshmen after attending classes stay locked indoors all day, and begin to hate their environment. Get some fresh air! There might be a national park, a tourist area or at least a concert hall nearby. You need to liberate your negativity, and make some new memories. Get to know your classmates, or join a club to find some people who share your interests. Make weekend plans!

Find balance

College life is not all fun and games. Of course, some days it might feel like your life is slipping out of your control, the accumulated stress might play bad tricks on your mood, the people might be uncharacteristically mean. It is important to accept the fact that on those days you need to get a mental health day and find your internal balance by doing something that gives you pleasure.

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Mind your food

A big problem that freshmen encounter is all the freedom concerning food choices. Though fast food or delivery might seem like a great choice for saving time and getting full quickly, you should not rely only on that. Learn how to cook homemade dishes. Call your mother or grandmother, if they are good at cooking, and ask them for some advice or recipes. They will be happy to hear from you!

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