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Graduation Day and How to Be Prepared for It

This is finally it, the moment you have been looking forward to since the first day of your studying - your graduation day. Now all the sleepless nights before exams, scary tests, boring lectures, unforgettable dorm parties are about to become another page of your memory. This day you will officially be saying good-byes not only to your professors and teachers, but to your student status as well. Life will be totally different from now on, there will be highs and lows and a lot of things to think about. But stop it for now. Leave your worries about the future for tomorrow. Today you have to concentrate on how to make this moment memorable.

graduation day

Pack a bag

Go to bed earlier and have a good night's sleep because you have to look happy and well-rested on your photos. Better to prepare all the necessary items you want to take in the evening in order to not forget something necessary. Don't forget to pack a snack and a bottle of water as all the proceedings can take ages and you would be happy you have grabbed something.

Charge your phone

Believe me, it is really important. Besides making a ton of photos, you will most likely be on your phone every spare minute. So make sure it's fully charged and carry your portable battery with you, just in case.


Taking pictures is a stressful activity when everybody is running around. Of course you want to have photos with everybody - your family, friends, professors etc. Make sure to take pictures before the ceremony as well as after. Then you will have enough time to catch everyone you want to see on your graduation photos.

Keep them together

Graduations usually look like rock festivals. There will be tons of people walking and running around and a lot of opportunities to lose a couple of family members in a crowd as a result. So think about the place where you can meet in a case of such incident. It can be a big and noticeable tree somewhere on the territory, for example. Discuss the details with all your relatives beforehand.


All the people who come to support you on this big day should be aware of some basic rules of behavior during the ceremony. Ask them to be polite, don't shout or block the view of other people, don't applaud or cry out when it's not needed, and switch their phones to the silent mode. You should better turn your cell phone off at all: you will not need it during the ceremony.

Additional time

If you want your family members to find an available parking spot and grab good seats, you should better leave the house 30-40 minutes earlier. This will also spare you from the unnecessary worries about being late.


After the official part is over, you are free to go and celebrate. It will be more convenient to plan something together with your friends beforehand. For example, you may make reservations in your favorite campus cafe. It will be a good chance to relax and celebrate your graduating day remembering all the funny moments of your student times.

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