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Common research paper topics.

When you are writing a research paper you must consider that once you start you become a member of academic community and are able to take part in the process of academic development. Thus, you have to be attentive when taking a first step in your paper completion, which is selecting a research topic. Note that science has peculiar tendencies in every period and your work should correspond to them in order to appear as an up-to-date one. Here are some common research paper’s topics subdivided into discipline categories.

Topics about business.

  • The rules of effective business communication.
  • Key concepts in the theory of business communication.
  • How to manage uncertainty in business communication?
  • Public relationships and business communication.
  • Business communication via email: difficulties and effective sides.
  • Social networking in business today.
  • The best ways to make your business e-mail effective.
  • Business risk management: modern tendencies.
  • Business tactics in risk management.
  • The innovative risk management paradigms.
  • Strategic uncertainty: ways to manage.
  • Pros and cons of self-employment.
  • The interdependence of gender issues and self-employment.
  • Family life and home-based employment.
  • Female home-based employment.
  • The problem of welfare and self-employment.

Topics about sociology.

  • Social group categorization.
  • Rural life: sociological view.
  • Adaptation to rural life.
  • The issue of rural poverty.
  • How to increase incomes in rural territories?
  • Rural society in Japan.
  • Festivals and recreations in rural localities.
  • The sociology of urban life.
  • Challenges of urban life experiences.
  • Modern urban cultures.
  • Comparative analysis of rural and urban cultures.
  • The main concepts promised by city: space, job, identity.
  • Pragmatism of city life.
  • Cultural settings in urban life
  • Sociological view on religion.
  • Religion and theology.
  • Religious lives today: how did they changed comparing to past?
  • Spiritual communities.
  • Sociological approach to cults.

Topics about biology.

  • Ethical concerns of genetic engineering.
  • Dangers brought by biological warfare.
  • Biochemical weapons and laws restricting their usage.
  • How to be prepared to biological warfare.
  • Ways to protect oneself during bio terroristic act.
  • Why are religions against genetic engineering?
  • Is genetically modified food safe for children?
  • Healthy eating and genetically modified products.
  • The philosophical grounds of biology.
  • Biological principles and patterns used in other sciences.
  • Biotechnological business.
  • Innovations in biotechnology.
  • Perspective of innovative biotechnologies.

Topics about education.

  • Importance of piece education.
  • Educational psychology.
  • How can psychology help with difficult behavior of children?
  • Interaction of psychology and education.
  • The ways to be a successful school leader.
  • Should all schools have same educational standards?
  • School uniform: controversial points of the issue.
  • Does school uniform restrict student’s self-expression?
  • The advantages of school uniform.
  • Standardized testing: pros and cons.
  • The principles of piece education.
  • Basic policies of art education.
  • How to teach design and art effectively?
  • How to teach students to be creative?
  • The issues of bilingual education.
  • Should bilingual students preserve their heritage language and culture and school?

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