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Sociology essay: questions and answers

Sociology is one of the disciplines that studies social interactions of people, the groups that they form and institutions which they establish. The distinctive feature of sociology is in its preciseness: one must possess accurate data and use scrupulous methods for gathering it. If your task is to complete a sociological essay you should be happy as you will have a variety of topics to select, such as culture, art, marriage, family, parenthood, education, homelessness, career, gender, religion and a number of others. From the other side, you must be really attentive as you are not expected to write your personal reflections of what you think family is, for example, but have to reveal the issue having a sociological value, assess it and explain it using rigid figures and evidence. Here you can find more tips on sociology writing and a list of examples of sociology essay questions.

How to write a sociological essay?

  • The first thing you are to do is, certainly, to read and re-read your assignment, guidelines or essay prompt given by a tutor. Make sure that you understand what you are expected to do.
  • Find out the main concepts in your assignment and check if you are aware of their correct meaning.
  • Search for the sources for your paper. Consider that before starting your own survey, if the one is needed, it will be a good idea to check similar works conducted, the methodology used and results received. It will definitely help you with completing your own questionnaire.
  • The sources which you are going to use should be academic and authoritative in order for you to be sure in relying on the data, which they provide. Sometimes you are allowed to use magazines, newspapers and other types of mass media.
  • Before you start drafting we recommend you to write an outline for your essay – it will help your paper to be structures and well-organized. Moreover, you will be sure that you do not skip any argument or piece of evidence.
  • Make sure that your thesis is disputable. You should not just state about some issue but rather you are to make a point about it, which presupposes that counter positions and counterarguments may exist.

Sociology essay questions.

  • The importance of sociological research results on statistics.
  • The methods most frequently used in sociological researches.
  • The difference between anthropology and sociology.
  • Comparative analysis of anthropology and sociology.
  • Should sociologists use data from psychological researches?
  • Social psychology: the routes and tasks of this discipline.
  • Social values: its meaning and types.
  • Differences between morals and ethics.
  • Behavioral code, its routes, development and impacts.
  • The issue of censorship: should our thought and speech be regulated?
  • Sociological thinking and its peculiar features.
  • Should art be censored?
  • Age restrictions in art: are they fair?
  • Basic family values and their impact of children’s school life.
  • The issues of urban education.
  • How to improve academic achievements in rural schools?
  • Why are urban schools typically not showing high academic results?
  • Cross cultural issues in career building.
  • Discrimination by gender, race and ethnicity on the workplace.

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