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Comparison writing: topics and writing tips on academic papers.

A comparison essay typically requires the writer to consider following points: it should mention similar and distinctive features of two or more items; have a purpose to focus a sharper attention on particular characteristics of the compared subjects and provide a deeper understanding of them. For this matter the writer needs to follow the comparative writing strategy and be sure to select a proper topic for the paper. Here is a brief guide for comparison writing and some fresh ideas for topics.

  1. Comparison writing guidelines.
    1. When completing a comparative essay one of the basic things to do is develop a thesis statement. The peculiar feature of the comparison thesis is that it should state if you compare or contrast the items. Note that if you do the comparison you have to indicate similarities and difficulties, while contrasting points out the distinctive features only.
    2. Sometimes you are required to explicate comparative and contrasting process in your paper.
    3. Make sure that you use the transition words and phrases that are the maskers of comparison and contrast, such as “in addition”, “additionally”, “likewise”, “unlike”, “otherwise” and so on.
  2. Methods of comparison writing.

There are two basic methods of writing a comparative paper: point-by-point and method of blocks. Here we will briefly describe the features of both ways.

Point-by-point method

  • This way of comparing is special for dedicating each paragraph to a particular angle or aspect of comparison.
  • The thesis statement should indicate the areas which you are going to elaborate in the paper.
  • The conclusion must evaluate and summarize the major points that were developed.

Method of blocks.

  • It provides comparison that is based mainly on topics. First, you should describe the aspects of one item and dedicate the second body paragraph to another compared item elaborating the same topics.

Comparison writing topics.

There is a range of various topics, which you can choose for elaborating. Here are some of them:

Historical topics.

Here you will be able to choose many aspects for comparison:

  • Different historical ages or periods. For example, you can write about renaissance and middle age periods, indicating the main historical, social, economic and cultural factors.
  • Comparing life in the past and in future. Here you can indicate your insights about the future developments and compare them to the referring points from the past.
  • Pay attention to one particular issue that is repeating in different periods. For example, you can write about development and state of pop culture in 1960s and nowadays.

Comparing technologies.

Due to the rapid technological development elaborating of this topic can be beneficial. You can select the following aspects:

  • Comparison of Facebook and Twitter;
  • Different models of cars, mobile phones etc.
  • Comparing of various computer operating systems.

Comparing religions.

  • You can contrast very distinctive branches of religion, such as monotheistic and polytheistic, indicating the differences which derive from the central principle of believing in one or numerous gods.
  • Also, you can make a comparison inside of one branch, contrasting orthodox and catholic churches, for instance.


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