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Effects essay: topics ideas and writing help.

Effects essay writing, basically, involves writer’s dealing not only with the effects but with causes, which lead to them, as well. One of the “must-do” points in effect paper is demonstrating the causal connection that is showing that a particular reason produces the certain result. If you are to write the effects essay the first thing, which you have to do, is to find an appropriate topic that will let you reveal the causal linkages. Our article has two main parts: topic ideas for the essay and basic effect writing rules.

Topics ideas for the effects essay.

Topics about technology

  • The effect of using mobile phones on children
  • How does constant contact with mobile gadgets influence teenager’s behavior?
  • The effects of violent video games on people.
  • What are the effects of social media popularity on other types of media?
  • How do social media influence children?
  • Does using social network impact work productivity?
  • What are the effects of using smartphones more often instead of computers?
  • Is there any difference between people communication based on typing instead of speaking alive?
  • What are the reasons for Google being the most popular research website?

Topics about relationships

  • How does having a child influence relationships in couple? Does it have an effect communication with other people?
  • The effects of divorce on children upbringing.
  • What are the causes of divorces nowadays?
  • How is friendship influenced by switching from high school to college?
  • What are the causing and effects of children rebelling against parents?
  • How does sibling competition influence their relationships in future?

Topics about health care issues.

  • How do regular medical check-ups influence health state in general?
  • Are there any effects of abortion on woman reproductive health?
  • Which impacts can rapid research in cancer treatment have?
  • Does birth control have any influence on women?
  • Why do people use non-tradition medicine?
  • What are the causes and effects of choosing healthy lifestyle?
  •  Does having a pet influence your physical and psychological state?
  • The causes of diseased nowadays.
  • What are the effects of stress and depression on health?

How to write the effects essay?

  • If your task is to complete the effects paper you should equally consider the causes and the effects but depending on your assignment dedicate more attention to the required part.
  • Note that typically the amount of causes and effects are not the same: one cause can lead to numerous effects and one effect can be reasoned by many causes.
  • You should choose the structure for your paper according to the number of causes and effects. The major uniting part is your thesis statement that demonstrates the causal and effects situation and your opinion on it.
  • If you have many effects caused by one factor you should consider developing a body paragraph for every effect, which you find significant.
  • All your arguments must be supported with examples, sources quotations, paraphrasing, summaries and facts. This is how you can demonstrate your competence  to the reader.

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