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The Definition of Definition Essays

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In general, such an essay is a composition about one word, if to be more precise, about the meaning of one word. So, this essay implies that the writer not only knows the vocabulary meaning of the word but has an individual understanding how to interpret and explain it.

It seems quite easy at first sight, the only thing you should remember is that the topic should be correctly chosen. Only then you will enjoy writing definition essay. As a rule, students think that the easier word they choose, the better definition essay they will create. What can be simpler to give the definition of a mouse, a bird or a table? Of course, it is not easy, even not looking at the dictionary for it. But, even being an excellent writer, you will be able to write no more than 2-3 sentences about those words. Nevertheless, if you choose something like the words love, sympathy, trust, kindness or jealousy, you will be able to write a novel, not just an essay.

Samples of Definition Essays

Comparison of Two Papers
Definition Essay About a Table Definition Essay About Kindness
A table is a thing that can be used for writing, working, eating and cooking at it. There are different types of tables for each purpose of people’s life. A table for cooking is used in a kitchen. Also, some desks are used for studying and work at home or in the office. Tables that are used at school are called desks. Moreover, there are small tables for coffee and newspapers in front of TV near the couch, and they are called coffee or occasional tables. Talking about the material, it can be produced from wood, glass, plastic or a mixture of these materials. They can be of different sizes, shapes and constructions. No one can live without a table. It is a very useful thing. Kindness is a trait of a broad meaning. First of all, it is a characteristic of an individual’s personality. Kindness can be defined differently by each person as everyone has the own interpretation of it. Some of the people think that kindness is a weakness of people’s personality and some consider it a strength. First of all, kindness is the ability to think about others, to sympathize and support others, to think about somebody more than about oneself. Kindness is a trait of people who worry about others more than about themselves, who are always ready to help even in prejudice of themselves. Kindness can be presented in different ways, for example, the help for homeless or stray, the charity for a long or needy family. It can be expressed even by a simple kiss of the relative or friend or a smile to the sad passer-by. The meaning of kindness is different for everyone. But no matter how everybody understands it, it must be present in everyone’s life. Kindness is one of the traits that help the world and society communicate, live in peace and learn to understand each other. There was a situation in my life that helped me understand the full importance of people’s kindness… etc.

Definition Essays and Its Use

The samples of two essays above show the difference between them and the sense they are delivering to readers. But when you have no choice, and you have the task from a professor, please remember that any definition essay can be written with grand conception and useful purpose. Please, never forget that.

If this kind of written work is really so simple, then you can have a reasonable question: what will the student gain by writing a similar kind of essay? The answer is rather trivial, but it does not lose its relevance – the writer learns to think independently. Of course, we are not talking about analytics or in-depth study of any issue. We are talking only about the definition. But do you really think it is so easy to provide it?

Think about a concept. In order to understand what this word or another means, we mostly go to Wikipedia, because we are not used to formulating the meanings of words ourselves.

The kind of essay that we have examined today will give us the opportunity to learn how to write it.

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