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The Essence of an Expository Essay

Person with Closed Mouth

This is a type of essay that does not intend to conclude author’s individual opinion and thoughts, just bare facts and analysis of the statements that should be discussed. The essence of such type of paper is to provide a sound and reasonable explanation of the matter. Moreover, the enlightenment should be understandable and simple for readers.

The key tip is to imagine yourself in the role of a teacher who tries to explain a new subject for children. It should be easy and interesting, full of details that can reveal insights into the subject.

The essence of a good paper consists of an exact, distinct and pithy core idea in the introduction passage. Another vital component is logical linking of all parts of the text. One more crucial element is the support of the main statement by evidence. In this case, evidence can be different, statistical, logical, factual or even comic, but without even a hint of a writer’s personal opinion.

Steps to Make


Such type of essay cannot be written in a quick way. Afore setting to compose, the writers need to conduct a profound research on the statement they want to define and explain. The brainstorm of the statement ought to be deep and thorough. It is better for a writer to select several sources for research.

After studying everything, they must point out principal facts and ideas to be ready to use them as proves. Another key step is statistics. If the topic allows to use figures, try to find as more statistical data as possible, and it is better to be from reliable and official sources.

After the process of gathering information is finished, the further step to make is to write a plan, structuring all data you want to include into your essay. And only after that, a writer may try to write a draft of your paper. The draft will assist to form main ideas in the right order and find proper words.

The next step is to leave writing at least for several hours and fresh up your mind. After it, an author will re-read it again and see the situation with a fresh eye. After that, the only step that is left is the step of editing and proofreading.

What to Remember

  1. It must be impersonal, without “I” and “You”. It is likely to use “He”,” She”,” It”.
  2. No author’s thoughts and opinions about the topic.
  3. The task usually contains “define” or “explain”.
  4. Use as much statistics and facts as possible to give the low-down on the subject that is discussed.
  5. Make the conclusion about the statement sound, profound and strong and never include new information.

Exploratory Essay

Explore the World

This is some kind of a case study when you start working on it and don’t see how it will finish. The purpose is to find out something new, but not to show what you already know.

What does it mean “to explore”? There are several meanings of this word. It is the process of discovering, analysis, talking and discussing the subject you want to know better. The purpose is not only to show what you are considering but also how you do it.

Your process of thinking must be reflected in an essay. You must offer your own way of thinking, aspects of the matter and ways of solution. There ought to be no agreements or disagreements with somebody else, just your own inferences and decisions about the theme. Moreover, the subject must be studied from the diverse points of view and not the obvious ones. A writer’s purpose is to offer something new that distinguishes from all points of views that already exist. Quite a tough task, don’t you think?

Ideas for Writing

Lamp Under Head

It is well-known that the first impression is the strongest one. We can tell the same about the type of essay under consideration. An introduction part plays a crucial role in it. You must grab your reader’s attention from the first sight.

So, a writer would better start with a provoking statement, shocking statistics or true life story. The statements in the introduction part will be the key of your essay and the concepts you will use there will be the ground of your success. Apart from that, you can make a short conversation or a list of problems you want to study.

Some fictional or real stories may also fit. An essay’s body should be divided into several parts, depending on how many sides of the problem you would like to reveal. The beginning should be the procedure of connection between the writer and the reader. As a writer, you have to answer such questions as:

  1. Why is this problem so familiar and red hot to everybody?
  2. What type of society and what business sphere does the issue discuss the most and why?
  3. When was this issue first brought up for examination?
  4. What points of view haven’t been discussed on this matter yet?

Other parts should consist of points of view, sources of the most popular discussions and new thoughts about them. In this case, conclusions can be as different as introduction part. But if you told the life story at the beginning, you must also finish with it. There also should be your own thoughts and challenge for the reader to decide.

Short Statements

  • Question a matter, do not write a thesis.
  • Consider all possible sides of one problem.
  • Be interesting and inventive.

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