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The paper will describe all possible ethical issues in nursing

Understanding ones thought, goals and personal truth defines basic aspects of personal philosophy in any career. Personal philosophy of nursing requires one to have a meaningful coordination between mind body and spirit. Like any other health practice, ethical issues in nursing are always changing with the rising technological advancements in the medical field and profession. These advancements require nurses to adapt their behavior and protocols to the changing medical field. To be able to cope up with this issue, nurses should be continuously educated to provide high quality service.

The development and history of ethical issues in nursing is very interesting

Patients' privacy and independence are two basic factors that affect the nurses' philosophical and legal issues. They are encountered on a daily basis. It is always advisable for nursing students and nurses to properly master how to manage and control such situations in a professional way.

Nursing profession involves engaging with the community directly. Despite being bound by moral values and beliefs, they have to be caring individuals that can accommodate all sorts of people and cultures taking note of ethical issues in nursing. Decision making on ethical matters are determined by the implications to the general public. Ethical decision making theories can give different perspectives contrary to one that is only concerned with individual freedoms and rights.

Nurses should be able to set aside their own values and develop a non-partisan way of caring for the person in need. This greatly helps them maintain a good ethical and philosophical environment.

Personal philosophy of nursing varies depending religion, ethnicity and culture, but the integration of diversities makes it special. People are generally drawn to the nursing profession because of one thing which is nurturing trait that the profession has.

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