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Essay on Green Color: What to Write about?

Have you ever asked yourself if the colors matter to you? You might have not noticed but the color can be crucial in various aspects. Sometimes it has a determining function as in many cases the color is not just influencing our sight and mind through it but serves as a symbol providing us with a deeper sense of the things surrounding us. Here are the points to consider if your assignment is to write an essay on green color.

Symbolic meaning of green.

  • Factually, green is not just a color but a symbol that has various meanings, which may be interpreted inversely according to the context, culture and experience of the one perceiving the color.
  • Nowadays, green color is typically associated with ecology and environmental protection. Basing on this association the word “green” has developed a new verb form. “To green” means making something more environmentally friendly, decrease the level of possible harm to nature.
  • Initially, the green color has been associated with spring and nature renewal. Consequently, new meanings of the color came to our lexicon, such as fertility and growth. Grounding on these meanings, the color related to the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite was green, as well.

Why do most of us like green color?

  • According to statistics, green is the second favorite color all over the world. There is a range of reasons that can explain such popularity of this color.
  • First of all, we should note that green take a majority of our visible space. This means that the color is common for us and do not trigger any negative connotations.
  • Additionally, this color is considered to be balanced as it joins warm and cold tinctures, joining yellow and blue. Such a connection brings balance to our sight and mind.

Physical effect of green color.

  • Green color has an exceptionally positive influence on our physical health and mental state. As this color is tranquil, it makes us relaxed and reduces anxiety.
  • Also, it is able to relieve depression gifting the feelings of renewal, harmony and self-control.
  • For these and other reasons, specialists recommend to watch the spaces you are living in with green color. For example, you can paint the walls of your room in green or fill it in with some green elements. Be sure that it will provide you with good and fresh mood every day.

Meaning of green color in different cultures.

  • As we have already indicated, it is a fair statement that colors may have diverse meanings in different cultures, times and countries.
  • If we take the green color we will notice that its connotations vary. For example, it is considered as a holy color in Muslim culture while in Ireland it is a lucky color (obviously, this belief is connected with their national symbol shamrock).
  • While Irish would wear green clothes to catch luck the green threads are considered to be unlucky ones in fashion industry.  For the same reason, race tracks do not have a lot of green automobiles.

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