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“Loneliness”: essays’ ideas and research question

We all know what it means to be lonely and this is one of our least desirable states. Usually it is caused by the factors and results in activities, which are not considered as positive. However, we should note that loneliness is a multi-facial and should be studies from different angles in order for us to find out that sometimes it can have positive effects on the person. Learn more new things about loneliness in our article.

Humans are not the only species feeling lonely.

  • There is a stereotype that loneliness is characteristic for humans only. However, it appears to be wrong as many animals can feel the same due to the fact that they are accustomed to living in a certain community.
  • The important point of this observation is that the feeling of loneliness is an indicator of being alive for the animal. This means that being separated from society for some time can also remind a person that he or she is alive and trigger some mental activity about existing.

Loneliness is different for young and old ones.

  • We are all different and our diversity is revealed in ability to be lonely, as well. It means that people may feel sole or isolated for not the same reasons and to different extent.
  • Additionally, loneliness may approach us in different age. There are many cases of children and teenagers lacking the communication due to certain psychological problems but also there are adult and old people that feel lonely because of some social reasons, mostly.
  • The researchers state that we value friendship more in childhood and young age, in general. However, when we become older having one real friend is more important that communicating with big number of people.

Loneliness has an impact on our physical health.

  • Usually we consider loneliness as an emotional state, which happens only inside of our head. However, we should be aware of the fact that feeling lonely, if we perceive it negatively, can also have a harmful influence on our physical state.
  • For instance, when we feel socially isolated we try to find substitutes in order to keep our mood up. The most typical ones are cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, the harmful effect of which is well-known.
  • Additionally, negative thinking makes us less active: this has an impact on the physical state of a person and decreases the amount of endorphin, a hormone of happiness, in our blood.

Loneliness can be a good thing.

  • It may sound strange but loneliness can be beneficial to us in spite of various harmful effects on our body and negative emotions that it brings along.
  • Being alone is a trigger to think deeply about the particular issues around us. If you feel lonely due to some social factors it may be an indicator that the time to repair your social linkages has come.
  • Also, after being sole for some time we start to value the moments of reconnection with our beloved ones more than we used to do it before.

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