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Essay About Love: How to Express What You Feel in Your Own Way

Couple in Love

First of all, essays on such subjects as love, happiness or friendship aim to make you think carefully once again and decide what these categories mean to you personally. When writing about love, you have an opportunity to discover what you probably never knew about yourself and your life. In this way you can both form your own opinion on love, realize what you really need it for and what you expect from this complicated but beautiful feeling. Of course, time will pass, and your today’s attitude to love, influenced by positive and, unfortunately, negative life experience, may change greatly. However, it will always be thrilling to come back to your past and see how much you have learned about love since then, and how happy and wise you have become. For now, let us find out what can add maximum originality to your essay about love, so that even William Shakespeare himself could regret he did not know you when he was working on his literary masterpieces.

Tip #1 Things You Should Do Before You Start Writing

Love is something we all think we know a lot about. Nevertheless, hundreds of thousands of love poems, stories and songs lack that intimate particularity which each of us hides deep inside his or her heart. This is our own idea of love. Yes, it may have something in common with our favorite John Keats’s lines, but anyway it does differ from person to person, whoever this person is. So what you should definitely do before you sit at the table and open your laptop is to stay along with your heart and soul for some time, and ask them how they understand love. It will also be great if you can come up with some original comparisons, metaphors or connections between love and other things that surround us. Let them be simple but sincere. If possible, remember and use a love story from your own life or the life of the people you know well, but do not invent it. Its details are not necessary. In your essay you can just describe the background and make some conclusions that are important for you.

Ink and Feather

Tip #2 From Where to Start?

Find Your Quote

Your favorite quote about love or a few lines from your favorite poem/song would be the most successful, versatile and multifunctional beginning. Firstly, a good quote itself contains an original and complete idea, so using it in the very beginning of your essay gives your reader a clear understanding of what you are going to write about. Besides, they can see if not your personal attitude, then at least the direction of your further thoughts. The second benefit of using a quote to start an essay is that it creates a solid base for you to build your own opinion. As you either agree or disagree with the person you quote, or you can also add to his or her ideas, such a beginning will help you develop your personal ones and come up with a logical and interesting ending.

Include a Real Experience

In case you are ready to share a real story, do not hesitate to start with it, taking your reader back to some past days. Although you do not need to give dates or the names of the people and places you are writing about, try to be true about your feelings and attitudes to what you are telling in your story. Use them to sum up your essay.

Tip #3 Put a Zest in the Ending

In the end of your essay, leave some place for fantasy. After all necessary conclusions drop a few rhymes to make your reader feel somewhat poetic. You can also insert a rhetorical question, or even a joke, or something like “Shakespeare is my friend, but truth is a better friend”, or whatever else you like and find witty. Be original, but do not go too far.

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