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Out of many different criteria that we can use do group people based on their personality trait, one stands out most prominently. Indeed, we are often divided into on of the two most common behavioral types, that is extroverts or introverts. Most of us can easily identify themselves with one of these two groups. Even though there are no pop-up clear definitions of belonging to each group (we can easily divide people by hair color or age just basing ourselves on certain criteria), we still are able to perceive the main elements that make us fall into one of the two groups. A lot of factors of our daily lives depend on it. Usually, psychologists can agree on the fact that this personality trait is based on how well we react to outside stimulation. Introverts are overwhelmed by excessive stimulation, while extroverts benefit from it greatly. Introverts are more likely to write an essay well, rather than extroverts. So what are the main distinctions and the perks of belonging to one of these two groups?

Perks of Being Extroverted

The extroverted ideal is something that is ingrained in our society. You have probably noticed that the people that can hold themselves in the spotlight get more praise an attention than those who remain in the shadows. We can easily imagine that extroverts are successful and happy. The idea that extroverted equals successful came from the cheerful businessmen and traders that began appearing in the last century, when life became more urbanized. As people moved from the countryside to cities, they were forced to communicate more with strangers and make a great expression. Here are some of the advantages of such type of personality.

Leadership Skills

If you can connect well with others, they are bound to follow you. Speaking out is no problem for you, and thus you can easily share your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and in such way influence other people. You recharge on the conversations and the positive energy that other people share with you through communication, and you are ready to lead the group at any time at any given day. It is nice to have a person like you in a group, so that the atmosphere feels positive, productive and charged. Just remember that sometimes, you have to listen to the ideas of the quieter side of the table as well.


You do not have that fear of public speaking or of oversharing that most introverts dread. Sure, sometimes you can blurt out a little more information than you wanted to in the first place. Do not worry. It is most likely that you will not feel the embarrassment too sharply, because you are strong and can easily switch to the next topic. Your confidence is always a boost in most social situations, from giving a cheerful inaugural speech to a new colleague, to lifting up the mood by making small talk with the person you get stuck with in the elevator. However, some people may confuse it with assertiveness, so be sure to tone it down a little bit if you feel like others are perceiving you to be too bossy in your confidence.



Research proved that extraverted people are believed to be most attractive. If we look at the stars of Hollywood that like to parade on the red carpet, we can see that most of them are extraverts that enjoy the attention, and there is not one ugly face in the crowd. When people are open and honest with others, when they speak confidently and freely they immediately establish a trustworthy connection with their interlocutor, gaining attractiveness in their eyes.

Perks of Being Introverted 

Cat's paw

If you are a true introvert, there must have been times in your life when you have felt inadequate in a social situation, or exhausted after it. It is totally normal, because our society strives to see extroverts more, and is modelled for their comfort. However, that does not mean that you are useless or a burden. On the contrary, your introversion is your main ticket for a lifetime of happiness, and you should not change yourself to fit in. Here are the perks of being introverted.

Rich Inner World

It is probably a phrase that your parents have heard often since your elementary years. You were that peculiar child that did not mind being left alone and made amazing macaroni portraits of all your relatives. Even though you may be tired of hearing it, your rich inner world is something to be cherished. The fact that you are never bored just by being alone means that you can survive any hardship. You have a rich fantasy, a logical mind and are very interested in the world around you, despite what other people might think. However, be sure to find and cultivate that thoughtful world inside of you.


What you can do right now is realize that most of the geniuses that gifted humanity with amazing inventions and art were introverts, and these creations were made not in spite of introversion, but because of it. Such people prefer to work alone and are able to devote countless hours to perfection their skills without feeling bored. True creativity comes when we are free of other people’s judgement and can work on our thing. At the same time, you should not feel shy to show your work to other people, because only this way you can get the praise you deserve for the hard work.

Prioritizing Skill

Being an introvert helps you to prioritize your time. You can have amazing social skills too, but you might feel exhausted from communicating too much. You do not like unnecessary time-wasting. Prioritizing and organizing your time is an essential skill of survival in the modern world. Just be sure to not get too caught up in your recharge stage, without even trying to socialize a little bit.

To sum up the facts mentioned above, it does not matter whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, because there are perks of being either. You may even be an ambivert (yes, such term exists)! Here is a test to figure that out, if you are still unsure. The important thing is to stay true to yourself and use your strengths to the maximum, and at the same time learn how to tactfully collaborate with the other group of people. We wish you the best of luck!

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