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Meaningful Life: How to Have One?

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Some might disagree that the life can be meaningless, and we tend to agree that the single idea of life is quite meaningful already. However, possibly everyone has experienced a feeling that their life lacks some Great Goal, that they are not sure what they are moving towards. When there is no guiding light to get us to our desired achievements, the achievements seem less precious and gained only for the sake of achieving something, and here is how to fix this.

  1. 1. Become an Expert in Every Sphere

    Many people underestimate this method because it seems too easy for them. Here is where they are wrong! Reading books is the most effective way to gain knowledge and become an expert. Moreover, while reading we use our imagination and boost our creativity. A reading habit is an awesome change in your lifestyle which will bring you joy anywhere and anytime.

    Find the most appropriate part of the day for you to read something for 7-8 minutes. It is also recommended to carry a book in your bag or download an e-book on your smartphone or Kindle. This way it will be with you all the time in case you suddenly decide to read it.

  2. 2. Strengthen Your Muscles

    As we know, exercises are necessary and good for health. They stabilize weight, burn fat, strengthen heart muscle, lungs and vessels, and also help to satiate blood with oxygen. Sport improves our mood and memory, decreases the level of worrying and depression. Even those who have no idea about fitness can pump their muscles in one year.

    Sport improves

    If you stand in plank every day for 7-8 minutes you will tone up your core muscles, become slender and improve your body posture without overburdening of your lower back. After a while, this exercise will also bring you joy.

    How to Do Planking?

    Lift your pelvis and straighten your legs while leaning on your elbows and forearm. Hold the back straight and your pelvis parallel to the floor.

  3. 3. Master Respiratory Techniques

    Those who practice respiratory techniques are calmer, more reconciled and feel balance of spirits. Practice meaningful breathing two-three times per day everyday and after several weeks you will notice a progress. Imagine what will happen after a year of practicing!

    Here is an exercise "counting to five". After breathing in count slowly to five. Then stop breathing for a moment and breathe out slowly counting to five again. Repeat the exercise till the end of your practice.

  4. 4. Always Smile

    Neurophysiological investigations show that by smiling at least a few times a day we readjust our brain to get a more positive perspective of the situations and surrounding.

    Smiles decrease systole's frequency and stress pressure. That is why it is important for our mental health, state of spirit and mind. Theory of relation between our face expression and our emotional state claims that when we are smiling, our emotional background is getting better. Moreover, we get to be in higher spirits even if we are smiling with a forced smile.

    Smile even if you are sad. When it is hard for you to smile try to play with children or pets, decorate your flat with funny posters or search for a website with funny stories. Find something that will make you smile.

  5. 5. Learn How to Relax

    If you organize small breaks while working, your brain will have a possibility to get some rest and a chance for rehabilitation. After that, brain becomes more productive. This is the way for you to be more concentrated and work faster. At the same time you will reduce negative influence of stress-factors on your mental and physical health.

    It is hard not to think about work during the break. Nevertheless, your goal is to forcibly distract yourself from every thought about work because you need to come back to work all refreshed. Try to recharge yourself by neglecting negative thoughts which result in a pressure on you.

  6. 6. Find Time to Do What You Enjoy Doing

    When you only concentrate on activities like studying, fulfilling promises and working, you hide yourself behind the walls of responsibilities. Do these walls have windows through which rays of joy can reach you? If you ever caught yourself on a thought that you do not find your life meaningful, in most of the cases it is a signal that you forgot about activities that bring you a lot of joy. For some, reading books might be a fast-speed train to imaginary lands or Islands of Knowledge and Experience. For others, jogging is a perfect way to relax and distract from daily worries.

    All you need to do is find what you really like. Sometimes remembering your childhood is all it takes, for example, if you used to draw a lot, try to create some tattoo designs or redecorate your flat having a brush in your hand.

    Make small steps every day. In the end, small but important changes in your lifestyle will lead you to serious, positive and global changes for the best. In a year or two you will look back and realize, what a long path you have behind you, and it will help you realize where you want to move in the future.

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