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Is It Easy to Find a Job after Graduation?


Do you remember how you enrolled in the first year of the best university in the world? Life was beautiful, because you could live without parental care.... Also, you found new friends and experiences, and a lot of possibilities opened up. Five years passed like a flash. You are holding the diploma in your hands. What should you do next? You need a job. There is the difficulty that a student has no practical skills after graduation. However, every profession has its own secrets. It turns out even the best graduates will be disappointed. Employers tend to be in no hurry to take the “greenhorn” specialists in the staff. They are afraid of graduates having a lack of skills, not understanding their responsibilities, and being unable to build relationships with colleagues and management. No one wants to be a “nanny” for graduates, this is the main reason for the refusal of employment. So, how to find a job after graduation?

How to Start?

Any experience is a real contribution to your bright professional future. If you want to work according to your specialization, you need to be prepared that your first salary will not be very high. Do not expect that you will be offered a prestigious position, even if you have an education concerning management. What should you do in this case?! First, examine the job trends: what are the requirements? What additional knowledge is needed the most? Secondly, you need to understand the specifics of the industry and try to build your career development plan, so you will understand in which direction to move.

Key Points

  • Combining study with work, you will have a work experience as opposite to your classmates.
  • Do not hesitate to ask. Everyone knows that at the initial stage you have a lot of questions. Nevertheless, listen carefully to the answers and advice. Be attentive and diligent. Some tips will be useful over time and may become your motto for life.
  • Never mind that you start with a not really prestigious work, the main thing is to set a goal, believe in yourself and everything will turn out great.
  • Build your reputation as a responsible employee.

Where and How to Look for Work?

Websites for a Job Search

Do not neglect the “banal” sending of a resume to the addresses. A resume is a document by which the manager estimates the employee before a personal meeting with him. It is as hard as essay writing. Therefore, a well-written, concise and clear resume is the main weapon in the competition between the candidates (though only at the first stage of the job search). Here you can find out how to write a resume.

Job Fairs and Career Days

Many companies organize internships for students. Often, representatives of the companies come to the universities and organize a set of activities like “job fairs” or “career days.” Here you should look for long-term positions and perspective companies.

Contests and Scientific Works

Different companies hold contests for students. It is definitely a chance for talented young people to take the first step in self-realization. These steps are usually well financed.

Personal Communication

Finding work through your relatives, friends and new acquaintances can be the most effective tool for successful employment.

What Work Should You Choose?


The companies are ready to cooperate with the students, the main thing is to find the points of contacts. For example, the Luxoft Company takes undergraduates with basic knowledge. Students are offered a flexible schedule: three full working days per week, and almost half of their time students can devote to studying.

Temporary Job

The need for temporary assistance arises in the companies for various reasons: illness of an employee, temporary projects and seasonal work. The companies that are involved in the implementation of seasonal products like soft drinks and ice cream, are looking for temporary staff. Students who chose to try their hand at the time, can apply for the following positions: secretary, personal assistant, translator, office manager, courier; database operator, IT professionals, assistant, accountant, junior accountant, a financial clerk; assistant marketing, advertising, PR, logistics. After participating in temporary projects, you may be offered a job with a flexible schedule during the university year.

Remote Work and Freelance

The essence of a freelancer is to do a certain amount of work for a fee within a specified time, but often without reference to any schedule or location. If you are interested in this profession, please consider this option of communication with the employer (designer, journalist, artist and programmer).

The most effective way in your case will be communicating with professional communities, blogs, forums, and appeal directly to the employer. Those who are looking for a person to carry out the urgent tasks are often not as interested in your proficiency, and you have a chance to get a job, even despite the absence of experience.

What Do You Need to Know about the First Interview?

So you have decided on a field of activity and job, sent out a resume, and finally got the first invitation to a job interview.

  • Gather as much information about the company where you are going to: the history, profile, activities and work specifics.
  • Decide what you are able to, and what is necessary for the selected position. Read on the Internet, what responsibilities you may have in this job.
  • Do not be late for an interview, calculate the schedule the time to be there beforehand.
  • You have to look neat, because extravagant clothing and accessories during the interview should be avoided.
  • Behave friendly, calmly and confidently.
  • Be motivated, explain that you understand that you will have a lot of information to learn, and you are ready to do it.
  • It is important to answer the questions honestly. Lies will leave a stain on your reputation.
  • Do not ask a lot from your employer with your first employment.
  • The question about the salary should be asked at the end of the conversation. Do not expect, that your first salary will be very high.
  • Avoid excessive gesticulation, do not replace the words with gestures.
  • Turn off your mobile phone. Nothing should distract you during the interview. Show that you are really interested in this position.

What conclusion can be drawn from the above? There is no experience only before the first employment. Then it will be easier, because you will have the minimum experience. After all, every professional once applied a job for the first time. Believe in yourself and you will succeed!

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