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How to Create the Image of a Good Student

It is obvious, that teachers and professors are not only walking dictionaries and encyclopedias, but also, first of all, humans. Even though they are trying to be just and treat all the students in the same way, their personal opinion can still matter while they are grading the work or giving an opportunity for the students to fix and resubmit their papers. How can one make a teacher like them? Here are some hints.

#1. Always get ready for their lessons.

Any teacher will be flattered to see, that a student is genuinely interested in their subject. Preparing all your home assignments will not only help you to pass your finals easier, it will also make teachers notice and like you. Moreover, it often happens, that once a student tries a little bit harder, he may become engaged in the subject and studying will stop being a heavy burden.

Ready for lessons

#2. Arrive on time.

Do not be late for classes, as some teachers consider it to be a sign of disrespect. Going out of the house five minutes earlier will not ruin your morning, but will surely help you avoid some problems in the future.

#3. Be active.

Being active during the classes is one of the ways to show your interest in the subject. Do not be afraid to ask questions if something is unclear for you, take part in the discussions and listen attentively.

Active student

#4. Be polite.

Greet your teacher when you see them and do not let yourself be rude while talking to them. Being polite also applies to your communication with other students during their classes. Show your respect for everyone, and not just your teacher, otherwise you might be taken for a bootlicker, and this is definitely not the effect you want.

#5. Avoid conflicts.

Imagine a situation, when you are late or are not prepared with the homework. What would you do in this case? Would you try to find an excuse, telling your teacher you were attacked by a dog and needed to go back home and change, and this is why you couldn’t arrive on time? Or you would rather say sorry, admitting it’s your fault because you know how late you got up? There are more chances that a teacher will respect you in the second case, as unrealistic explanations might just make you look ridiculous.

#6. Do not use mobile phones or other gadgets during the classes.

It is basic respect, not to play World of Tanks when your teacher is explaining theoretical physics. Show gratitude to his efforts, and you will be rewarded. It’s good to turn off everything that may distract you. Although, if you really need to answer the phone, just politely excuse yourself, and go out in the hallway. The teacher will surely understand, unless you’re taking advantage of it.

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