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If you have received an assignment to write an essay about racism, you may find yourself wondering if matter is always black and white. After all, the nation has become much more diverse while the standard essays on racism on the history of discrimination against African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans are boring. What should you do when you need to find more interesting topics for your essay about racism?

Modern Race Relations

Instead of writing essays on racism of modern black and white conflicts, look at the shifting race relations between other groups. How has the growth of the Hispanic population affected the black community? What barriers do African immigrants today face, and how is their experience in the country different than that of African Americans? How common are attacks on Hindus, Indians and Sikhs in the United States by blacks and by whites?

Another subject to write about is the change in race relations after the election of Barack Obama. Now that a black man has been elected to the highest office in the United States, how is the black community changing? Has there been a rise in entrepreneurship and leadership, or are older community leaders still crying racism as a default reaction to any perceived slight? Are new leaders born after the civil rights era focusing on the government to solve its problems and still blaming Caucasians or are leaders looking to their own community for solutions to problems like its high incarceration rate, poverty and 70% illegitimacy rate? An essay on racism could also touch on delicate topics like the subtle bias against darker skinned blacks by lighter skinned ones or the treatment of blacks who have converted to Islam.

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Evolution of the Population

The number and percentage of the population that considers itself two or more races is shifting the debate on race relations. Research how this affects life today and in the future. Why are there several times more black men marrying white women than black women marrying white men? How does this impact the marriage prospects of black women and the black community in general?

What racial prejudices arise in the face of interracial marriage? How much acceptance is perceived of a black man who marries an Asian, a Hispanic or an Indian than if he marries a black woman? What is the level of acceptance of African Americans who marry African immigrants?

Another issue is the perception of interracial individuals. Interracial marriage exploded after the 1960s, when laws limiting it were repealed while social acceptance of these relationships improved. What identities are interracial people adopting? What identities are their children assigned, and what identities do their children adopt?

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