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Essay: What Hockey Is Remarkable For?

Faceoff in Hockey

Without a doubt, hockey is a truly remarkable sport enjoying long-lived popularity throughout the world. Even in the age of Ice Hockey World Championships declining in popularity and spectacularity (due to the fact that the NHL stars are involved into club playoffs, and NHL teams do have hard time letting off their key players for World Championships), hockey has always a lot to show to thrill us.

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Of course, you heard a lot of people say that basketball and hockey are considered the most dynamic sports ever. Yes, they are. What does it mean? Perhaps it means that events in the game can develop at a pace you can hardly keep track of, so that’s a spectacular element coming into play. Moreover, that can be part of a special aesthetics of those games as speed and unpredictability are inextricably related to it.

Basketball may be cool, but hockey is played on ice, and that adds a special kind of athleticism and endurance to its charms.


Whatever they say, fights are official part of hockey gameplay. Apart from being its undeniable curiosity of its own, it definitely adds oil to the flame for spectators. Some may blame hockey for abundance of pure force in gameplay, others may enjoy it and want some more every time they watch the game. Whatever it may be, where on earth would you see fights of such intensity and emotional charge?

Having a Playoff

In different sports the regular season is built differently, but watching NHL playoffs is nothing less than something truly exceptional. Not just because of the feeling that “everything is decided here and now”, though definitely this feeling is real and unbelievably powerful.

The fact is that the playoff happens to be drastically different from the regular season, though the latter is much longer. Yes, it is, but that’s nothing more than “the gate” to the playoff, where everything has to happen. Cases when the least probable teams won the Stanley Cup are not rare, and that’s definitely something remarkable and adds even more interest to hockey.

Celebrations of Goals

There’s always a place for creativity in celebration of goals by different hockey players. You can find lots of different actions here: from intertextuality in celebration with references to different other players and how they did it to different unexpected leaps of imagination and on-the-spot decisions. Sports are emotions, and hockey – even more so, please make no doubt about it.

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It’s All About Endurance

Hockey may suffer or benefit from its image of a rough sport for men. But let’s assume that you felt at least a hint of admiration about such sports as American football, rugby or well… hockey just because of the physicality at the very heart: be it beautiful boys, tough clashes, or simply the demonstration of abilities of human body. Yes, hockey is a special game: weenies are not fit for it!

A Wide Range of Trophies

At first sight it may seem exotic or unimportant, but in fact it really shows what hockey is about, besides adding new dimensions of excitement to the game itself. Apart from the well-known Stanley Cup or Art Ross Trophy, there are such trophies as the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy for perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to ice hockey, or the Lady Byng Trophy for the player considered to embody the best type of sportsmanship and conduct with a high standard of playing.

As we see, in hockey there’s always some space for qualities and sportsmanship. It means that both formal and statistical factors come into play, which is of course a good sign as it makes hockey more pliant to subjectivity. Today such approach is something we all miss, especially when this logic comes from the inside of the sport itself.

Penalty Shots

When the time to determine the champion comes, in any sport penalty is obviously something too spectacular to miss. Hockey is no exception to this. Even more, taking into account that a goalie is king and has lots of opportunities to show one’s worth, rarely has anything been more fascinating than a series of penalty shots in hockey.

Hockey Players Are Generally More Down-To-Earth than Other Stars

You can’t argue with that hockey players are indeed much more easygoing and accostable than nearly any celebrity you can think of. That partly correlates with the important role of sportsmanship in hockey, and such a spirit cannot go unnoticed by diehard fans.

The Importance of Goalies

Goalies are really important in hockey, sometimes you can even hear people say that a good goalie’s value is that of approximately of half a team. Unsurprisingly so, because when the goalie is on fire, the rival team has a very hard time dealing with your whole team. Visibly, that has an impact on the team spirit, which, in its turn, is able to work wonders on ice.

Hockey Is About Communities and Communication

All of those values and peculiarities of the game itself we have already mentioned find their expression in communities and fan base. Every sport we’re accustomed to boasts its fan base, but hockey is nothing less than exceptional in this.

So, amid different sports we all love, hockey has got the right not simply to be one of them. It’s got really telling arguments to be considered one the best sports humanity has ever conceived.

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