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How to deal with loneliness: essay writing for college.

There are different ways to define loneliness but the common characteristics of it are the following: it is a feeling of discomfort and isolation, which is caused by lack of communication and social activity. One may feel lonely if he or she loses a close friend, relative or even a pet; does not find understanding in the family, is experiencing issues in relationships or at the workplace; is under a stressful situation caused by significant life changes. In fact, we are facing a number of situations daily, which can make us feel lonely and unhappy but, luckily, the effective ways to cope with them exist. Here are some of them.

Method 1. Share your feelings.

Lonely people usually feel so for the reason they do not have one to talk to. What is more, a trustable person is needed in order to get a support in an unpleasant situation. First of all, you need to recognize that discomfort in your mind is caused by lack of communication and talk to someone about it. In case you do not get a useful piece of advice you will, at least, be listened to.

Method 2. Find a new hobby.

Sometimes a depression, which is one of the loneliness’s results, is caused by routine. Doing the same things in the same order every day can be really boring even for the most conservative people. If you feel that this problem is familiar to you – try to find a new activity to participate in. For sure, a physical activity will be one of the most useful as both your body and mind will feel refreshed. However, if you do not feel like exercising you may just start doing what you were going to long ago. Remember your interests from childhood or things that have been always attracting you and go ahead!

Method 3. Help others.

Be sure that you are not the only one feeling lonely on this planet. What is more, there might be much unhappier people even in your city or town than you are. Usually, those are the people, which are not socially defended, old people or those who lost their families. Think of such categories and the ways you can help them.

Method 4. Take part in volunteer work.

Although loneliness is a quite serious issue and is worth attention, in many cases, it is an indicator of egoism and too much of self-reflection. A right way to deal with it is helping other people and, what is more, doing it for free. This will let the lonely one understand that they are not the only people that need assistance and will help them to get involved in new activities and meeting new people.

Method 5. Be mobile.

This is a piece of advice for people that prefer staying on their coach and suffering from solitude. Try to move more, go to different places and handle the idleness. Visit your family and relatives, which you have not seen for a long time and learn how they feel. Learn the news from neighbors and friends, do not hesitate to visit any place that it outside of your yard.

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