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Definition, Classification, Reflection and Expository Essays on Loneliness

Loneliness is an emotional state that happens to a person due to certain social factors. It means that this issue can be studies through psychological and sociological points of view. Additionally, loneliness has always been a substantial topic and source for inspiration in art, which allows researching a very different side of this phenomenon. Here we will provide you with some basic information on defining, classifying, explaining and reflecting on loneliness, which you can use for your essay.

Definition essay on loneliness

  • Loneliness is usually defined as an emotional state, which is characterized by feeling of isolation and sadness.
  • There is a range of the loneliness’s caused, which are common in most situations:
  1. Losing a close person: friend or relative;
  2. Lack of social activity;
  3. Changing a place of work;
  4. Stress and depression;
  5. Any stressful situation (exams, difficulties at work, problems in relationships, family quarrels)
  6. Retirement;
  7. Misunderstandings with social surrounding;
  8. Refusal to join a certain social group;
  9. Excluding from a social group.

Classification essay on loneliness.

  • Classification essay requires that a writer develops his or her own classification for the issue discussed breaking it into types and supporting the criteria for this division.
  • Here is a common classification of loneliness types:
  1. Personal loneliness: it happens when a person loses a close friend or relative and misses communication with him or her;
  2. Social loneliness: this type is characteristic by a person being excluded from a certain social group or getting a refusal to join one;
  3. Cultural loneliness: this kind of loneliness is usual for people that are living in conditions of different culture or are the representatives of their native culture in a foreign country or any other surrounding.
  4. Intellectual loneliness: it is typical when a person level of education and intellectual development is much higher than his or her surrounding’s, which is why one feels isolated because of inability to share his thoughts or findings.

Reflection essay on loneliness.

  • Reflection essay is a type of paper that presupposes that the writer describes and explains his or her understanding and feelings regarding the selected topic.
  • In case your topic for reflective paper is loneliness you will need to explicate your thoughts and ideas about it and describe your feelings and perceptions of solitude and isolation.
  • Note that this kind of writing requires a bit of creativity if you want to be original and reflect your feelings.
  • In order to complete a successful reflection -check similar ones of the famous authors. Note that the literature movement of Romanticism has loneliness as one of its principles.

Explication essay on loneliness.

  • Explication paper is the one that describes the issue in general and explains it in the way, which is clear for the reader and reflects the writer’s understanding of the topic.
  • If your required type of essay is explication you may select to write about the most effective ways of dealing with loneliness. First, you will need to explain what loneliness is, reasons for it and possible types and suggest methods to handle it basing on this information.

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