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How to write a persuasive speech on animal rights effectively?

The question if animals should have rights is still controversial and has a number of contexts, in which it appears. For example, it touches upon such points as if the animals should be eaten and farmed, if they can be used for hard labor, if we can do fishing, hunting and wear fur and silk. Here are some ideas for your persuasive speech about protection animal rights.

Argument 1. Animals feel pain and have an ability to think.

The same as humans, non-human animals are able to feel pain and think, which make them eligible for having similar rights to those, which people possess.

Taking into account this fact, animals must have rights on free life, safety and health protection.

Argument 2. Some animals have more mental capacities than infant humans and handicapped people.

An ability to have rights is usually measured by mental ability. It is said that non-human animals cannot have rights equal to humans because they are not able to think, analyze or process any complex mental operations. However, we should take into considerations that some animals as chimps or dolphins have higher mental capacities than, for instance, handicapped people and infants. Therefore, such criteria is not fair for providing or leaving a specie without rights.

Argument 3. Unequal standards.

Setting standards such as the ability to speak, think, act dutifully is not fair. Not all people possess those abilities, which would mean that theh cannot have rights if we apply the same attitude as we do towards animals.

Argument 4. Evolutionary aspects

Since it is a well-known facts that humans have descended from animals we cannot leave them without respect and,  therefore, must endow them with equal to human rights.

Argument 5. Ability to be engaged in social contract

One of the criteria, which is said to be necessary for having rights, is ability to take part in social contract. In fact, many animals are able to get engaged in social relationships. For example, hourses and dogs can get in strong bond with people based on love, trust and friendship. In this case, animals do respect human rights - they do not cause injures or bite people, although it is a part of their natural habits.

Argument 6. Cruelty as a characteristic of not civilized society.

Killing animals for food or using their fur, skin or other parts of the body for clothes and decorations is conaidered as cruel treatment and an indicator of uncivilized social state. It encourages barbarism and may lead to more serious effects.

More tips on writing the persuasive speech

  • The key goal of the persuasive speech is to convince the reader in validity of the position, which you support. It means that, apart from informing about the issue selected, you have to use special tools to persuade the reader.
  • One of the most effective tools for persuading is selecting arguments, which are significant and revealing the roots of the issue discussed.
  • Additionally, you have to be accustomed to using some rhetoric techniques. For example, you may appeal to audience's emotions by creating bright images and bringing indicative and impressive examples.
  • We recommend you to start your speech with an attention grabber, which sill ensure that you get the interest of the audience.

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