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Child abuse: cause and effect essay

Child abuse is a multi-facet issue and is studies in sociology, psychology and legislature subjects. An essential feature of it is two participants in the process. One of them is typically a part, that is being abused, - a child, and the second is an agent that causes abuse - a parent or a caregiver. Here are more tips on writing an essay about child abuse.

1. Types of child abuse.

There are four types of child abuse that are typically distinguished:

1) physical abuse - physical harm done not accidentally to a child, which causes injuries and other physical health problems.

2) emotional abuse - acts towards child's mental health and social development that cause harm and different types of deviations. Emotional abuse is usually described as a pattern, which unlike a single action causes harm constantly,

3) child neglect - parents' or caregivers' failing to act or acts that leave the child without proper support, care, supervision and affection, which results in harm to child's health, well-being and safety. Usually, four types of social neglect are marked out: educational, emotional, medical and physical.

4) sexual abuse means involving children into sexual acts by adults or older children or using a child for any other sexual purposes or excitement.

2. Effects of child abuse.

2.1. Child abuse influence on health.

- According to statistic data, people that were abused during their childhood and adolescent tend to live about two decades shorter than those that received proper care and support from their parents.

- Individuals that used to fall under child abuse typically have liver and heart diseases.

- Those who were abused in childhood usualky suffer from drug abuse and alcoholisms. Additionally, children that are amenable to be abused start smoking, drinking and havjng sexual relationships in early age, which also leads to health problems, having multiple sex partners and unintended pregnancy.

- Child abuse often causes suicide attempts and depression.

- Lack of parental control and care leads to early initiation to sexual life, which, in its turn, may evoke sexually transmitted diseases.

2.2. Financial influences of child abuse.

Taking into account numerous health problems raised by child abuse, we receive following financial impacts:

- Worker productivity loss because of numerous physical, psychological and social health deviations.

- As abused people's health is weaker than those that were supervised and supported by caregivers properly, costs for health care is much higher. What is more, usually those individuals cannot afford getting proper health care, which cause serious uncurable illnesses or early death.

- Without getting indispensible parental supervision children tend to be involved into criminal activity that, in its turn, is a reason for additional expenditures for criminal justice.

3. More tips on writing.

- Since child abuse is a current issue you should support your statements with examples and various statistic data, which you can easily find online. For instance, you may indicate the fact that 4-5 child die daily because of child abuse and maltreatment. The facts like this are impressive and will make your writing more convincing.

- There are two basic methods of writing a cause and effect essay: one of them is indicating a particular reason and explaining its effects in each paragraph; the second will require you to describe the causes in the first part of the paper and dedicate the rest of body paragraphs to effects explication. 

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