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How to write a process essay: brief guide for students.

You can use writing strategy of a process essay for different cases, such as steps in starting a business, stages of evolution, processes in history and so on. In general, a process essay explains to readers how something happens and how to do something. Sometimes, it can even be an instruction or manual for taking part in some unknown process for the audience. Our article will tell you about two types of process papers and main steps one needs to make in order to write a successful process essay.

  1. 1.       Types of process essays.
  • “How-to” process essays. The intention of the writer here is to explain the process in the way the reader will be able to apply it in practice. Thus, the steps of successful accomplishing the process should be explained.
  • Explanation process essays. Here the writer does not wait for the reader to repeat the steps of the process but just explains how something happens in the narrative manner. Usually the writer should give examples for illustration of the process.
  1. 2.       Prewriting steps.
  • Prewriting stage of writing the process essays includes 2 main steps: identifying and organizing.
  • Identifying step means dividing the whole process into separate steps or stages that should be put in the logical order.
  • The organization of the steps is typically chronologically forth. Sometimes the explanation essay may look like cause and effect paper as causal relationships are sequential by their nature. Thus, do not worry if your process paper needs to use the cause and effect strategy for writing.
  • When the steps are identified list them in the sequential order.
  • Look at the step list and imagine that this is the first time you see them. Make sure that they are absolutely understandable and nothing is missing.
  •  If you have omitted any step do not forget to add it to the list. Remember that any omission may influence the outcome to a large extent.
  1. 3.       Using transitions.
  • To show the logical order, sequence and cause and effects relations in the process essay the writer must use a range of different transitions.
  • Usually the transitions that you use for process essays are the same to those which you would use in the narrative paper as in both chronological order is typically used.
  • Here are some examples of the transitions, which you may find helpful: at first, begin by, initially, later, then, before, while, during, as soon as, since, until, till, when, meanwhile, at last, lastly, finally.
  1. 4.       Revising step.
  • After you have transformed your stage or step list into a whole text you should check if you have not forgotten anything and all the parts are in the right order.
  • Do not hesitate to move, add or remove the sentences depending if it is needed. Sometimes you will need to add steps in order to clarify the process.
  • Correct all the grammar and spelling mistakes if there are any. Also, do not forget to check the punctuation.

This is our “how-to” article about writing the process essay. Remember that writing this type of paper will be really beneficial for you as it develops such cognitive skills as analysis, attention to details and clarity of expression.

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