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How to write college essays: step into academic writing.

If you grew into a college student you should realize that studying here will differ from that that which you had at high school. Basically, diligence, hard work and creativeness will be helpful at every stage of your studying career but when you start completing writing assignments at college you should consider few basic differences. Find them in our article together with tips on successful academic writing.

  1. 1.       Special features of academic writing.
  • Academic writing is done for scholars by other scholars. Once you are in college you become a member of scholar’s community. College students do the same things as scholars were doing for centuries: reading scientific sources, developing new ideas, arguing about certain questions, researching, discussing great ideas and issues. For sure, you need to do it in an appropriate manner in order to get into scholar’s discussion. However, you should not worry as college will teach you about the ways how to do it.
  • Academic writing is dedicated to the topic interesting for scholar’s community at this moment. When you are choosing a topic to work on you should consider not only your interests but also if it is appropriate in the modern scholar discussion.

In order to learn if your topic is relevant be attentive to your professor’s instructions: they will probably set a context for your observations and research. Remember that academic writing is not just your personal response or reaction on the certain issue. Your essay must be useful for audience: showing a new facet or better understanding of the particular topic.

  • Academic writing provides the audience with the supported argument. You should determine what was learnt about your subjects by the scholars earlier and give your own view on it.

Make sure that your essay executes 2 main functions: argumentative and informative – it should inform about the point and argue about it.

  1. 2.       Organizing the arguments.
  • Think if you know enough about the topic. Make sure that you can answer the following questions:

-          Who, what, when, where, how, and why happened;

-          What the background of the topic is;

-          What the cultural and historical impacts of and on the topic had place;

-          If your topic fits in the specific genre of the topics and what you know about this genre.

If you cannot answer one of the questions do not hesitate to conduct more research.

  • Find out the most important point of the topic, it will be the focus of your paper.
  • Do not ignore less significant facets as they may be helpful in proving the validity of your arguments.
  • Think of the reasons why you consider some points more or less important.
  1. 3.       Establishing your position.
  • Your personal view on the subject is exceptionally weighty in the college essay. Thus, consideration of not only what you know about it but what you personally think is necessary.
  • Your purpose is to present a fresh and original idea, observation or solution to the certain issue. It is not enough to cite the sources and tell what have been already know. You should provide you own insight on the topic.

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