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5 Movies to Make Your Day Better

Our life is not a pleasant walk from one victory to another. It is a difficult road with many thorns and balks. Sometimes it can bring you down and make you feel that all of your attempts are foredoomed to a failure. However, giving up is not an option. Do you remember the wise Latin saying “Per aspera ad astra?” It should become your motto. Just catch a break and then continue struggling. And here is the list of films that will definitely help you to relax and inspire you to new achievements.

  • “Nowhere Boy”

Is there anybody who has never heard about the Beatles? I believe there isn’t. Being most renowned music band of all times The Beatles is more than just a designation. It’s a sign of an epoch. But do you know what leads up to the path of glory? The movie will show you the story of an average boy, who leaves a school dreaming to be the second Elvis Presley. People call him “nowhere boy”. But the boy manages to show his paces. This film is definitely worth seeing especially if you’re a fan of rock’n’roll.


People Looking like Elvis Presley

  • “Memoirs of a Geisha”

If you are one of those people who adore pacific atmosphere of Eastern culture you should dedicate a couple of hours to watching this movie. A little Japanese girl from a poor family seems to be condemned to a defeated life. Since childhood she has admired geishas wishing to be one of those fantastic women. Finally her dream comes true. The film shows us that everything is possible if we really want it. But the desire is not enough. The main thing is to do whatever is needed to succeed. The life story of the Japanese woman is a perfect reflection of this idea.

  • “Dead Poets Society”

This is the oldest and the most impressive movie from the list. Its main message is simple and genuine: life is too short to waste it on being somebody else. So, be true to yourself while choosing your way. It’s up to you to decide what will be your destiny. Never give up on yourself and on those people who help you during your life journey.


Be Yourself

  • “Slumdog Millionaire”

When you’re down it feels like nobody has ever had such grave problems as you do now. The film “Slumdog Millionaire” paints a pretty picture of life in the middle of nowhere in India. The main character is a boy who spent most part of his life living on the edge. Nevertheless, all the troubles that he faced out gave him an opportunity to win a fortune on a TV show. The moral of this story is that everything happens for a reason. It’s not all doom and gloom. It’s just a difficult period of your life which you have to deal with. The experience that you gain now will surely help you with your future achievements. Try to make the best of a bad bargain the way the main hero of this movie did.

  • “After Life”

Unfortunately self-pity is one of the common sins of the modern human society. We are predisposed to sorrow over our hard fate. However the truth is that we just need to learn how to appreciate the things that we have. The main heroine of this film seems to stand a good chance for a happy life. But she always invents troubles for herself that finally leads her to a Groundhog Day syndrome. She isn’t satisfied by her own life but is unwilling to do something about it. The end of the story is really unexpected and can come as a shock. And yet, you have to watch this movie. It will make you appreciate every minute of your life and move you to see the good goings-on. “Whatever happens – try to keep can-do attitude and remember that our life is the most precious gift that we have” – that’s how I see the moral side of the story.

I hope these movies will bring you a real pleasure and help you to ride the storm that happens in your destiny.

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