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6 General Features of a Successful Student

Our thoughts and activities are the basis of our well-being. In fact, the things that you do every day will determine how close you are to your goal. Some people seem to be more effective and to gain better results than others. We have interviewed the most successful students from some colleges and found out which habits help them to achieve their aims.

Habit #1. Managing Time and Energy

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Time is a precious resource if you know how to use it wisely. Usually successful people are involved in a number of activities and they must arrange them to fit in the schedule. Thus, they need to think about the best ways of combining some of them and building their day in the effective manner.

A crucial point is sleeping. If you decide to save your time on it, this may not work the best way. Good sleep gives you energy for the new achievements. Free time without the proper energy charge is nothing and you must remember about it.

Habit #2. Think Positively

These are our thoughts that make us feel good or bad. Actually, we do not usually take things around us as they are but they come through the prism of our thinking. You should avoid the “catastrophic thinking” – keep away from negative sets of mind concerning everything around you. What we mean is that you should not consider all people as your foes: take them as your friends and you will feel better when interacting with them. When you have an exam, do not think of it as of a disaster but just a common activity to do.

Habit #3. Learn How to Study Effectively.

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All of us study but some people manage to do this better than others. The effective learning is based on certain principles. The first one is being prepared. For example, you should not only prepare your home tasks but be ready for receiving new material at lectures: ask your professor to send the syllable to you before the class so you know what it all is going to be about. Clarify the unknown terms and prepare the questions which may arise. Our memory is working in that way that we remember those things better that we have already heard about or can associate with something that we know.

Habit #4. Take a Reward.

Once you have achieved your goal, be it small or a global one; do not hesitate to treat yourself with something pleasant. This can be done in different ways: you may buy a chocolate, make a break in studying and just spend evening doing what you enjoy the most, go for a trip to somewhere etc. This will not help you to praise yourself for your success but will keep you relaxed and refreshed.

Habit #5. Do Not Hesitate to Ask.

Sometimes you may have far too many activities than you can cope with. In this case to manage everything effectively you may ask someone for help. Do not be afraid of doing this: people help each other daily and maybe someday you will be able assist your friend when he/she needs it.

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