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Topics for a Literary Essay

If you have an assignment to write a literary essay, you may face issues on the very beginning of the task completion. The thing is that it may appear difficult to choose a topic for your essay. Here we will tell you what kind of topics for literary essays exist, so you will be aware of the choice you face.

Types of Topics for Literary Essays

The types of topics needed vary depending on the specifics of the given assignment and on the mode of writing.

  1. The Problematic Topics

    The problematic topics obviously deal with the problematic issues. Considering the literary essay, we may say that such topics touch upon the questions of the scientific, esthetical, and ethical nature. If your topic is of the problematic kind, you should start from explanation of the problem that was arisen by the writer, based on the conditions that have been taking place.

  2. The Comparative Topics

    These topics usually deal with at least 2 literary works. Basically, you need to compare 2 or more works based on a certain criteria. You are required to review the certain features one by one in a logical order and, after all, make a clear conclusion.

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  3. The Topics for the General Review

    The topics which belong to this type are usually wide. You may be required to analyze a certain image and its representation within the creative heritage of a certain writer or even group of writers. You will not need to go in-depth: the surface analysis will be enough, but you will still need the examples and quotes from the literary work(s) reviewed.

  4. The Topics Dealing with the Writer`s Style

    Every writer has its style, and an expert in Literature can easily determine the writer`s personal stylistic features. To learn how to name the writer by looking through his literary work you may be required to write a series of essays to research on the stylistic features. In this case it will not be a good idea to stick to one of the literary works. You should show the awareness of the writer`s heritage by mentioning a few words completed by the writer. The high level of abstraction and the well-developed analytical skill will be required in this case, since your task is to define some common features in works even though they seem completely different.

  5. The Quote Topics

    To compare with the previous two types, such the topics of this kind are very narrow and specific. Your task is to understand the inner meaning of the quote, define the aspects of the quote to be reviewed, and explain what the writer wanted to say by using these particular words. It is necessary to choose some key quote from a literary work, so it will express the writer`s main idea or key point of his philosophy.

  6. The Mixed Type Topics

    We can say that all literary essay topics are mixed to some extent. You cannot analyze two literary works of the same writer not mentioning about some common features of his writing style, or avoiding the problems arisen in the books. Sometimes it is up to you to choose what kind of topic you give your priority to. All in all, whatever topic you choose, you should cover it logically and do your best to interest the reader, as this is what you actually write your literary essay for.

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